How To Bookmark Your Favorite Websites With Google Bookmarks

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How is Google Bookmarks unique from other bookmarking services?

  • Google bookmarks’ user interface is uncluttered. Bookmark your favorite websites at ease.

  • All the bookmarks you do remain private.

  • Google Bookmark is integrated with your Google Web History. This makes things a lot easier. You may view and manage your web history and find out interesting trends in your web history.

  • You may name, label and even add notes to the bookmarks.

  • Google offers a complete bookmark search. Whenever you search your bookmarks, searches are not limited to the title, description and URL but the entire web page.

How to add bookmarks?

Adding your favorite websites to Google bookmarks is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3. Visit Google Bookmarks. You need a Google account to use this tool.

  1. Among other menu on the left vertical panel, you will find Add Bookmark menu, click on it.
  2. In the resulting screen fill out the basic information about the bookmark such as the name, URL (the website address), labels (to help you identify and keep your bookmarks organized) and finally some notes about the website (tip: You may type how the particular website would be helpful to you or any useful feature in the website). Now your favorite website is added to Google bookmarks and is accessible anywhere from the world!

Alternatively you may also add bookmarks through Google Toolbar. To bookmark the page you are viewing, click the blue star on the toolbar. To add labels, click the blue star once again.

How to make the most of Google Bookmarks?

  • Use Google web history/ bookmarks regularly as Google tailors search results according to your preferences (web history/ bookmarks). You may not notice the change in the search results immediately.
  • It is always good practice to have a back up of all your Google bookmarks. You can export the bookmarks and save it. The file could be imported to your browser.
  • Google toolbar adds additional functionality to Google bookmarks. Google toolbar provides an option to search from your bookmark.
  • To open your favorite website from your bookmarks, just type the title of the bookmark, the page will be loaded.
  • You could display your Google bookmarks in iGoogle. You can access and edit your bookmarks right from iGoogle home page. To get this gadget click here.
  • It is desirable to export your bookmarks from browsers to Google bookmarks. Gmarks is a niche Firefox addon that could be used to export Firefox bookmarks to Google bookmarks and with this addon you can manage and directly bookmark your favorite websites to Google bookmarks.