Optimising Google AdSense Earnings

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Below are a few tips to help you enhance your adsense earnings:

  • When you create a website make sure the content of the website is something which is in great demand. Today, information on finance, entreprenuership and real estate are in demand. The point in concentrating more on the content is because, Google adsense pays based on the popularity and demand for the ad. For instance, if your ad is about web designing, then you earn more when compared to an ad which is about herbal tea.
  • The size of the ad plays an important role in making your ad popular. You can choose between the two best proven sizes, one is the 336 pixel rectangle size with 280 pixel height. The other one is the medium size with 300 pixels width and 250 pixels height. Choosing the right size matters a lot because if you place these ads in your website they should not look clumsy. If your ads look odd, try to reshape them. Make the ads look attractive to the visitor.
  • Generally, it is best to use the same color as in your website. Because only then your ad will blend with your website, and prove to be a vital part of your website. So when you choose the border and background of your ad, stick to the same color as the background of your website.
  • As the phrase goes “ above the fold”, it is important that you place the ad in the right place of your website. This phrase holds good for the newspapers, as the headlines of the day is always placed on top of the page. The phrase also goes well with your adsense, because the visitor need not scroll down the page of your website in order to get a glimpse of your ad. So always place your ad on top of the page. It is also proven that the ads that are placed at the bottom of the page gets less number of clicks when compared to the ones placed on top of the page.
  • If the content or traffic is great, then try not to put your adsense on every page of the website. Instead of placing the ads on every page, place them on pages that are of more importance or the ones that get high traffic. This will earn you more clicks rather than placing the ad on every page.

The above are tips that have proven to be more effective. These tips can either increase or decrease your earnings. The only way to find out if it suits you is to impletement these tips and watch for the results. Be sure to save your previous efforts so that you know which one has failed to fetch you results.