Carry Portable Google Chrome Browser On USB Stick

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Portable Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser is changing the way we look at the browsers. Google Chrome browser aims to provide better security, stablity and speed. It offers a whole lot of features that makes it a unique browser. It’s no wonder why many people fall in love with Google Chrome.

What are the features of portable Google Chrome?

Portable Google Chrome supports all the features of full Google Chrome version. Unlike other browsers. it has minimalist user interface.

  1. Portable Chrome could be simply run from USB stick without installing it on a computer. It is indispensable for those who are unable to install it on workplace or switch computers frequently.
  2. Google Chrome is built to assist users to easily switch over from other browsers. It imports bookmarks, saved passwords and browsing history from other browsers at ease.
  3. User settings such as browsing history, cookies and bookmarks could also be saved and carried along with the browser.
  4. Google chrome’s Omnibox (address bar) can also be used as a search bar. With Omnibox it is possible to search the web, browsing history and create bookmarks.
  5. The browser supports creating separate profiles for each user. By creating a separate profile, browsing history and search queries are not shared with other users.
  6. WebKit is one of the third party code libraries used to assemble Google Chrome. WebKit is a layout engine designed to render pages at blazing speed. Hence the browser loads and displays web pages very fast.
  7. Google Chrome uses DNS prefetching or pre-resolving to speed up website lookup. This feature drastically reduces DNS lookup time and improves the browser’s response to user’s input and provides faster web browsing experience.
  8. Google Chrome’s exclusive V8 JavaScript engine, processes JavaScript quickly and ensures web applications are run smoothly.
  9. Incognito browsing mode or stealth mode would keep Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you have visited. Browsing history and cookies are deleted at once when Incognito mode is closed.
  10. The handy task manger that comes with the browser enables to view the active processes and resources they use.
  11. To provide security, the browser maintains and updates separate blacklist of phishing and websites containing malware. It warns users when they try to visit a blacklisted site.

Where To Download Portable Google Chrome?

Portable Google Chrome is still in beta stage. Portable Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Windows Vista/ XP

The latest version - Portable Google Chrome 4 is available for Download from Softpedia. You may download it directly here. Extract the file and copy it to USB stick. To launch the browser, click ChromeLoader.exe for a normal program start or IncognitoChromeLoader.exe for starting the Incognito (anonymous mode) of the Google browser.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X users may download Portable Google Chrome 3 from the original developer’s website Stadt-Bremerhaven.The website is in German language. You may directly download the file here.

Linux (for Ubuntu and Super OS distros only)

Download RUNZ framework first. RUNZ framework helps to install software on Linux. It currently supports Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 9.04 and Super OS 9.04 only. Now proceed to download Portable Google Chrome 3 for Linux.