What's New with YouTube

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What’s New with YouTube

Double upload size limits - You can now upload up to 2GB of video contents. That’s an additional hour of either standard video content or the now more popular HD videos.

Enhanced sharing feature of HD video - Now, you can share links directly to the HD version of your video and embed the HD version on your blog or website as well. To do this, simply append “&hd=1” to the end of the URL of the video you are sharing. To embed HD version of your video on your blog/site, click the “customize” button to the right of the embed box on your video page. Select “play in HD” to generate the video code that will start playing the video in HD version.

YouTube Reporters’ Center - The The YouTube Reporters’ Center is an attempt to help YouTube users who have been uploading videos that tells day-to-day activities or uncaptured news events in their communities. It features instructional videos from top journalists sharing tips and advices on how to become a better reporter. The site also provides practical and ethical tips when reporting news events via video content.

YouTube Trailers Page - Get your daily dose of up and coming movies as well as those which are currently showing with this new YouTube resource. Trailers page is part of YouTube’s Movies section offering a sneak peek into Hollywood’s latest movies.

YouTube Video Volunteers - This is YouTube’s participation in Google’s All for Good volunteer campaign.

YouTube Mobile Application - Now covers five new languages for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices. These languages include Brazilian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Czech. YouTube Mobile App now supports 12 languages all in all. In case you haven’t use it, YouTube Mobile app lets you to easily and quickly load and watch high-quality videos on your mobile phone even if you are in an area where Internet connection is weak.

Enhanced YouTube Mobile Site - If you’re using mobile phones like the iPhone, G1 and Palm Pre which does not support YouTube Mobile app, you can still enjoy high-quality YouTube videos by simply pointing your mobile phone’s browser to youtube.com. Since you are using your mobile phone, the site that will be displayed is the optimized YouTube site for mobile phones.

These are all the major features and enhancements that YouTube rolled out in the past couple of months. But more recently YouTube has also introduced some new random features including - Friend Suggestions, Activity Subscriptions, Trending Topics, Sticky HQ, New Discovery Feature in Insight and the ability to go back to the part of the video where you left out the last time you were watching.