What is Google Operating System?

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What is the Google Chrome OS?

Google’s updated new browser is based on one simple fact. While there are many innovative browsers that are coming out, all of these browsers, including the current Chrome browser, still sit on an outdated OS.Another reason why Google has decided to come out with an open-source and lightweight OS was to provide the popular netbooks with a lightweight and a good performing OS. Hence, Google is targeting netbooks as the primary users of the Google Chrome OS. It will be speedy, simple and will provide the best security for mobile internet users - the same characteristics as the now popular netbook machines have.

Google Chrome OS - Features

The Google Chrome OS will run on both X86 as well as ARM chips. In a way, it is just the Google Chrome browser sitting on top of a Linux kernel. Its user interface will be very minimal so much so that you won’t even notice that something is running behind the background while you browse the web or do other tasks.

The system is also being developed in such a way that users will not have to be bogged down by virus, malware and other security threats. Hence, continuous system updates will not hamper your system’s performance.

How Will the Google Chrome OS Impact the PC Industry?

While Google is preparing the Chrome OS for launch, it is also negotiating with various OEMs to make Chrome OS as the default operating system. Just recently, it was reported that Sony and Google had reached an agreement to run Chrome OS on Sony’s future Vaio machines. Other PC manufacturers negotiating with Google include Acer, HP, Asus among other top tier PC brands.

The Google Chrome OS is definitely going to redefine the desktop OS niche, the way users browse the web and Microsoft’s dominance as the major provider of operating system for desktop PC.

What Google Chrome OS is Not?

Google is planning on targeting netbooks and netbook users with the Chrome OS since these people tend to spend most of their computing times browsing the Internet. This is why Google still has the Android platform.

Google was very quick to say that the Android and Chrome OS are two different products, which are aimed at fulfilling two essential computing tasks. Android was designed to work across various devices, be it a mobile phone, nettops, PCs and even netbooks. Chrome OS, on the other hand, was designed to support netbooks and other computers while at the same time providing users with an efficient Internet browsing tool.

Google Chrome OS - Timeline

The much anticipated Google Chrome OS will debut in the second half of 2010, but the hype has already begun building. Just recently, various “alleged” screenshots started circulating around the web. But, most of them are just product of users’ who are so excited about the upcoming Google OS.

For more information about the Chrome OS, you might want to check out the Official Google Chrome Blog.