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Q: Because Google Chrome is a fairly new web browser vs firefox, internet explorer, safari, etc.. there are not many guides out on it yet (which makes your book one of the first) Does it (Google Chrome) offer anything unique compared to traditional web browsers?

A: I think the most unique thing about Google Chrome is the way it handles JavaScript. Google Programmers wrote a brand new JavaScript handler, called V-8. The purpose of V-8 is to implement JavaScript faster than other browsers. This makes Chrome the best browser if you use a lot of online applications.

Google is adding Chrome to a small Linux kernal to create an operating system, as well.

Q: What can a reader learn from your book who is already somewhat “web saavy” and has the basics down of Google Chrome?

A: The web saavy user will find detailed information on how V8 works. This gives programmers the info they need to make their web applications run optimally on Chrome. You’ll also learn about Greasemonkey scripts and how to create them. Plus, there’s a whole section covering little known tips and tricks for Chrome,

Q: Is Google Chrome yet compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux?

A: Not yet. Google Chrome is written for Windows. However Linux and Mac users can use Chrome with a product called CrossOver Chromium. Details are in Appendix B - Chrome for the Non-Windows User.

Q: Personally, do you use any other web browsers besides Chrome?

A: I use Chrome exclusively on my Window’s machine. I use Firefox on my Linux system.

Q: Are you currently working on any other books or publications?

A: I have several book proposals making the rounds, but no new contracts, at this time. I am, however working on an alternative health book, that I plan to self publish.

Q: What are your favorite books and inspirations?

A: That’s a tougher question than you might think. I’ve read hundreds of books. If I have to pick a favorite I’ll say either Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, or OnWriting, by Stephen King. Both are excellent inspiration for writers.

Q: 3 Interesting facts about you?

A: I’m a die hard open source supporter, I use Linux almost exclusively, and I homeschool 4 of my 6 kids.

Q: Where can you buy this book at?

A: You can get Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome at your local book seller, or from

Q: Is it yet available to e-readers such as the kindle?

A: Yes, Amazon offers Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome for the Kindle.

Q: Thanks Yvette for the interview.

A: Thanks for having me.

The book is called Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome, by Yvette Davis and Jerri Ledford. It is now available in local bookstores and online at Go check it out!

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