What's new in Google Spreadsheet?

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New In Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets has been updated from time to time with new features. Here we are going to see the recent updates included in this application:

  1. If you do a lot of Maths, you would be glad to find the new Engineering functions in Google Spreadsheet that convert between hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary. dec2hex, dec2oct, hex2bin, oct2dec are some of them. To see the whole list of functions, click here.

  2. The new two levels of validation, lenient and strict lets you easily control what you and your colleagues enter in your spreadsheet. The strictness level allows users to enter data that matches your validation criteria only. The lenient level lets people enter invalid data but they will get a warning whenever the input does not match the criteria.

  3. Now you can import your offline spreadsheet document with the Import feature. This feature lets you upload a large number of different spreadsheet file types including xls, .txt, .xlsx, .csv, .ods, .tsb .tsv.

  4. Now, you can let your coworkers and form respondents see a sum-up of the form responses. To see the responses, click on the See Responses button at the top-right hand side of the form and then select Spreadsheet.

  5. The newly added Solve feature lets you minimize or maximize value of a certain field to solve a problem. This works with all sorts of subjects such as Science, Finance, Production, etc. Click here for an example of how to use Solve.

Note: Solve only supports linear equations and does not support functions used in formulas

  1. With the new Form tab, you can quickly access the tools for creating, embedding and sending Spreadsheet forms. To create a form, open the Form menu then select Create a form. A form template will open; you can add any questions you would like. To send a form, click Email this form then click Send.

  2. ROMAN function has been included that lets you convert non-negative numbers into Roman numerals. For example ROMAN(10) will return X

  3. The Find and Replace feature now lets you search for words with case and regular-expression style matching.