Whats It Like To Work For Google?

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It’s actually a dream to work at Google. This anomalous company has all of the basic benefits that most jobs provide such as health, dental plans, and tuition reimbursement, but it definitely doesn’t stop there.

No idea goes unnoticed. With Google, every thought is a brilliant thought, and if it isn’t, it’s not far from it. With Google Labs, the employees are allowed to “test” their ideas with Google users. If the new product makes it to the primetime, great. But if doesn’t, no problem.

Google is also known for granting their employees 20% personal time, where they are free to work on personal projects.

Relocation isn’t a problem. Google has plenty of offices nationwide, as well as internationally. So pack up, and go!

Free lunch. Not only free lunch, but free dinner and snacks as well. Google wants to make sure that you aren’t working on a empty stomach and you brain is at its best, so you’re provided with free gourmet meals.

Calling in sick? There’s no need. Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, Google provides you with an on-site doctor.

There is always someone new and different to meet. Google is a very diverse company, and it employees come from all walks of life.

You can become an author. Not meaning that everyone working for Google will be an author. But after joining Google, there have been many employees who have published a journal entry or two.

Never drive to work. Well, unless you would like to. Google provides a shuttle service designed specifically for its employees in the Silicon Valley area.

Don’t want to leave your new puppy home? Bring it to work. Along with few other companies, Google has adopted the “bring your pet to work” policy. No more returning home to soiled carpets, Google provides a “potty area” as well.

Financial stability. Google also provides optional financial courses to educate employees on an array of financing topics.

Fun…and loads of it. With Google’s holiday parties, sports facilities, and masseuses there’s always an opportunity for relaxation.

You literally never have to leave work. Located on the Google work-site are salons, banks, gyms, dry cleaners, and you can even get your oil changed!

Google will help you, help others. Whenever you make a contribution to a charitable organization, Google will match it. It’s good to know that your company cares, only simple because you care.

No dress code. You can wear anything you like. Well, not anything. Attire isn’t important, as long as you get the job done.

The bottom line is, as a Google employee, you will be very well taken of. Google understands the importance of balancing work and play, and isn’t shy about it.

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