Why You Should Build a Google Finance Portfolio

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Google Finance is a tool that remains largely a curiosity to must Do It Yourself investors. Many may not even be aware of this tool. The people who are may not see the point in setting up a portfolio. That is what we are here to take a look at today. We will examine what Google Finance can do for you, and how it differs from the services on your existing online brokerage information center.

Stock Trading Tools

If you want to know how your stocks have faired then Google Finance can help you out. It will give you a summary listing of the last days activity on all of your stocks. If you then click on the name of one specific stock, you will get an in depth look at the last month in the stocks life.

The truly cool thing about Google Finance is that you can also get in depth tracking for stocks that you do not own. Want to know how IBM is doing for a few weeks before you make that purchase? Just put it in your portfolio and you can get information. Just like you would for your owned stocks. You do not even have to mess with your portfolio values. You can put yourself in as an owner of zero shares. Then you can get information without messing up your evaluation.

Custom News Updates

It is no surprise to investors that a stocks success can rise or fall pretty drastically based on the news. Good news will push a stock price up while bad news will send it down. That all sounds really simple until you realize that in this world news reporting happen 24/7. Few of us have the time, the energy or the inclination to constantly check news sites for relevant postings. This is another area where Google Finance can help you out. It gives you a self updating news feed that only features news relevant to your stocks. Information in one place, no fuss, no muss.

Instant Fiscal Calendar

News reports are not the only way to get information about a companies health. The companies themselves release a bevy of documents related to their fiscal health. If you own more than 2 or 3 different companies stocks, which most investors do, then you could have a very hard time keeping track of all the related dates. Google Finance will not only give you a list of upcoming dates, but it will add a new layer to your Google calendar, if you so choose.

Google finances dashboard style access to information, and its ability to allow a user to go in depth, it is a must use tool for any budding finance guru.