Learn About the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Gmail

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Google Labs

Google Labs is the “test” section of Google. Google will put out applications or features for users to try. If successful, Google will add that feature to its features offering to users. One of the latest things from Google Labs is the Gmail Forgotten Attachment Reminder.

Gmail is the free email offering for both regular users and businesses. Well, as Gmail has become more popular, especially amongst long-distance workers or home office users, Google Labs has added features to Gmail for users to try. The Gmail Forgotten Attachment Reminder should definitely take off, especially amongst users who send a lot of attachments. (You can also use Google Docs as a way to share documents amongst coworkers, contractors, management and many others instead of constantly sending the document back and forth.)

Forgotten Attachment Reminder

The Gmail Forgotten Attachment Reminder works when you mention in your email that you are forwarding an attachment, but forget to actually attach the attachment. Within seven minutes, Gmail will send you the following message: “did you, perhaps, forget to attach….?” Then, you can attach the attachment and resend the email.

But, if you send a lot of attachments, you may not actually want to have to go back and resend the email. If you put certain words in your email like “have attachment”, Gmail will send you a reminder that there is no attachment before it actually delivers the attachment. This allows you to add the attachment without resending the email.

To add the Gmail alert to your Gmail account, simply follow the below steps:

· Go to Settings in Gmail.

· Go to Google Labs.

· Select Enable on the Forgotten Attachment Detector.

· Save your changes.

Adding this to your Gmail account will help you remember to always send those intended attachments. And, if you actually add words like have attachment, you can avoid embarrassment of having to resend the email and the attachment. Gmail will remind you before its even delivered!