Find Your Answer with Advanced Google Search

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I don’t believe there is a person who hasn’t performed a Google search, but if you are one of the individuals who haven’t, type into your browser to open the Google homepage.

To begin, click Advanced Search located to the right of the Google logo. The advanced search form will immediately open. To be sure you have a clear idea of how the advanced search feature search operates, I will explain each section in detail.

Find web pages that have…

This is this first and most helpful of all the options. To start your search, type your desired keywords into this field. You can decide if you would like Google to find the sites that have all of your keywords (separately), your keywords exactly as they appear (a phrase), or if you would like to find either of the keywords.

But don’t show pages that have…

If there are keywords you would like to omit from your search, you can enter them into this field.

Need more tools?

This section allows you to change display options and also find keywords on websites in regions all around the world. You can decide how many search results displayed per page, choose from over 40 different languages, and 10 different file types. Here you can also specify a website you would like to search, as opposed to the entire web.

Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more

This link, located at the bottom of the page gives you more options to narrow your search. As the heading states, this feature lets you choose results based on the date the page was updated (whether it be in the last 24 hours or the last year), page numbers, and what page on the website you would like your keywords to appear. To top things off, there is also a Safe Search option that filters out any unwanted material.

Last, but definitely not least, is Google’s topic-specific search engines. These engines cover the most searched topics. If you are looking for books, government information, or statistical data of universities, Google has a designated search for them all.

As you can see, Google covers the basics and the not so basic. Before leaving the search, don’t forget to refer to the Advanced Google Tips and About Google links located at the top of the page. Enjoy!