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Google Calendar Mobile

What good is keeping your online calendar up to date if you can’t access it when and where you need it? That’s why Google Calendar ofers the ability to send reminders directly to your cell phone through SMS messaging. Plus, your complete Google Calendar is available through most web enabled cell phones.

Google does not charge for these services, although, your cell carrier’s usual text messaging and web browsing fees will apply.

You can set up cell phone notifications by clicking on Settings, Mobile Setup, and following the instructions. Refer to the Brighthub article Setting up Notifications for more detailed instructions.

Check Compatability

1. Make sure your cell phone browser is XHTML compatible. If you’re unsure, open your cell phone browser and go to, and try to do a web search. if the search is successful, you’re probably okay.

2. Ensure your mobile phone browser has cookies enabled. If you’re unsure how to do this, check your phone manual.

3. Check with your mobile service provider to ensure your mobile network allows cookies and SSL traffic.

If your phone meets the above guidelines, you should be able to access Google Calendar Mobile.

To Access Google Calendar From Your Mobile Phone

1. Open your mobile web browser.

2. Type in your browser’s address bar

3. Highlight and select GO. Some browers may have different button names.

4. When you land on Google Calendar page, you will be asked for your email address and your password. Enter them in the appropriate places.

5. If you’d like Google Calendar to store a cookie on your phone, select and mark the Remember me box.

6. Highlight and select Sign In

You will be taken to the Google Calendar Mobile entry page.

At the top of the page you will see links for PREV - Previous appointments, TODAY - today’s appointments, NEXT- next page of appointments.

To save space and bandwidth, Google Calendar Mobile only displays days that have appointments entered. Your appointments will appear as links in the same color as the calendar to which they belong.

Adding Appointments

To see appointment details, highlight and select the appointment you’d like to expand. Expanding the appointment will show Appointment Name, Date, Time, Created by, and Calendar Name.

1. Scroll to the end of the page, you will find a text box, and the Quick Add button. Enter your apointment in the box. Highlight and select Quick Add.

Below Quick Add, you will also find Calendar Settings, Sign Out, Help & Terms, and More Google Services.

Google Calendar - You really can take it with you.