Google Calendar: Manage Your Time Better

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Manage Your Time Better With Google Calendar

We live in a busy world, and sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of where we need to be, and what we need to do. Google Calendar’s easy to use features make planning and keeping up with your busy life simple.

Multiple calendars, plus easy to read multiple views.

Google Calendar gives you the option of creating multiple calendars so you can track the appointments, plans or tasks of your family and your work team. Plus, you have the option of 5 different views for each calendar. If you like to have a paper copy of your calendar, you can do that, too, with just a couple of clicks. (Your browser must accept pop-ups from Google, for the print function to work.)

Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing allows you to see your team members schedules easily. If you need to plan a meeting, or collaborate on a project, calendar sharing is the way to go.

Also, with calendar sharing you can allow others to see at a glance if you are busy or available at any given time, eliminating the need for multiple emails to find a good time for meetings, social events, or even the elusive family dinner.

SMS, email and pop-up reminders

Never forget an appointment or important task again. Google Calendar will send you up to 5 reminders for each event. You can schedule reminders how and when you need them.

Appointment scheduling

When you schedule an appointment, Google Calendar automatically blocks off that section of time, so you can see at a glance if you are free at any given moment.

Using these and other Google Calendear features help you plan your day more effectively, save you planning and “phone tag” time, and helps you find the time you need to do the things you love.