Adsense Tips to Make More Money

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In order to be successful using Google’s Adense program, you will have to put forth the effort to create quality web content. The rate at which visitors will come to your website directly correlates with the quality of your content. More visitors to your website means more possibility of visitors clicking Adsense advertisements and earning you money. Therefore, by offering quality content and drawing visitors to your website, you will increase Adsense clicks.

How Do You Increase Adsense Clicks and Earnings?

Choose a relevant domain name that will highlight the contents of your site. A good domain name will pull more people to your site and give a higher site pagerank. This higher site pagerank will in turn attract more visitors to your website.

Avoid losing site visitors by setting the Adsense links to open in a new window instead of the current page. Optimize your site with search engine optimized (SEO) content. This means each page of your website should focus on a well-planned keyword phrase. By using keyword phrases that internet searchers are looking for, you maximize the possibility of attracting internet users as they type in the search phrases.

List your site with web directories for increased exposure. Web directories are a great way to increase the likelihood that your website is found on the internet.

There are theories that large picture advertisements increase Adsense clicks by internet users. Someone that subscribes to this philosophy would want to use these Adsense advertisement sizes for best results:

  • 300×250 inline rectangle
  • 336×280 large rectangle
  • 160×600 wide skyscraper

Recent changes in the behavior of internet users have shown that in-text advertisements are more likely to be increase Adsense clicks. These are the text advertisements that appear as words on the webpage. Be sure to review the statistics of your website visitors to see which type of advertisement is more likely to be clicked by visitors to maximize earning potential of your website.

Choose variety of colors, animation, and graphics on your website that fits appropriately with the site content. Explore the colors of the advertisements to see what works best. Do advertisements that match you content get clicked more often? Do advertisements that stand out from the content get clicked more often? Google analytics is a powerful tool that will show you the visitor statistics of your site and help you answer these questions.

Ensure that the advertisements showing up on your website are related to your content. Google uses the keyword phrases found on each webpage to determine which advertisements belong there. If your advertisements aren’t related, you may want to revisit your keyword phrases and ensure that you are using the words that internet users would expect to find on your webpage.

Incorporating these tips can help you generate more traffic to your web site and increase Adsense clicks of advertisements. Remember to provide internet users with quality content and promote your site through directories to get more internet traffic.