Learn How to Add a Screen Sharing Facility to Google Talk with Yuuguu

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What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing technology is used to see the activities and functions (work) done on one computer from another computer. This technology is used in various fields of work for doing their work in a better way.

For example, it is used for troubleshooting computers, working with office staff, teaching computer-related subjects through the Internet, etc. This technology can also be used to present live software demos. This article is about adding screen sharing feature to Gtalk to do screen sharing in a more safe and user friendly way.

Why Should We Add Screen Sharing to Gtalk

You may ask me why the screen sharing feature should be added to GoogleTalk when there are many other options? The software which provides screen sharing facility uses an IP address or other unique information to offer us screen sharing service. When we use screen sharing software, which works with our IP address, hackers may attack your PC. Google Talk is a safe software free of viruses and spyware and you may be more secure sharing your screen through this software.

Installing Screen sharing Software

Yuuguu.Com offers screen sharing for free for the first 7 days, after that it cost $19 a month or $99 a year.

  • Go to yuuguu.com, and download the software.
  • Install it.
  • Open yuuguu software, and click “No I want to sign up” button.
  • Then fill in the user name, password and other details and sign up.
  • Now, go to your email and check for confirmation email and follow instructions in it.
  • Open yuugu now, and click find contacts.
  • Select “link instant messaging with yuuguu” and click next.
  • Click add account and select Gtalk from drop down box, and enter your Gtalk account’s user name and password in the below boxes.
  • and click add account .
  • Wait a few seconds and click finish.
  • Now you can see a list of your Gtalk contacts.
  • Double click any online contact.
  • A chat window will open where you can see two buttons (show and add) in top left corner of chat window.
  • When you click “show”, a link will be sent to your online friend.
  • When your friend clicks the link , he/she will be able to see what happens in your desktop.


1. Your friend doesn’t need any additional software to view the screen.

2. Using add button you can add many online users to screen share.

3. Even email contacts ( without instant messengers) can view your screen cast.


1. The screen sharing is Web based so it is slow.

2. You cannot login to Gtalk using the Gtalk application at the same time.

3. It lacks many features of Gtalk like file transfer so it cannot be used as an alternative.