Safe Road To Adsense Program - Adsence Policies

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AdSense Intro

Google Adsense is a program initiated by Google that allows different businesses to advertise on others’ website. This is very effectual method for advertising because millions of people everyday comes online that makes a huge chance of someone reading and then following the advertisement.

The website that hosts the advertisement gets paid when a consumer clicks on the advertisement link.

Some businesses often host advertisements from another business because they make money and it does not cost them anything.

AdSense Policies

If you are really interested in using Google Adsense to advertise then it is highly important you are aware of their policies.

This will help you in following Google standards and the correct method for hosting advertisements. In addition to that, it will save you from getting banned unexpectedly due to violation of Adsense policy.

Google using your name/logo

Google Adsense reserves the right to use the name and logo (if any) of the hosts participating in Adsense program in reports, presentations, Adsense websites, etc. So, if you, by any chance find your name or your business/website name on any Google webpage, dont be surprised.

Prohibited contents

The host website showing the advertisement can not contain its own contents of violent, racial intolerance nature. Similarly, host must not have sales or promotion of alcohol or tobacco related products on its website.

Click fraud

Click fraud such as auto-click, click-bot or clicking yourself, etc is not acceptable by Google Adsense. Any website that is found to be involved in Click fraud will be banned from the program. It is very much recommended for businesses that display Google Adsense advertisements on their website to use software that would prevent auto-clicks.

Distinguished Adsense

Another policy states that the advertisements on your site should be easily distinguishable from the content- whether your content is advertisement or a different thing.

Don’t be inactive

Make sure you are active. It means if you remain active for a long time, Google will not pay you, instead, your earnings will be sent to a charity organization.

Exclusively Adsense

A webpage must not be used exclusively for displaying ads to make money. There must be at least little amount of other content that is not associated with Adsense advertisement.

Ads per page

Maximum of three advertisements per web-page is allowed. If you want to fill more space with Adsense advertisement, use another web-page.

Free ads

It must be remembered that no payment will be made by Google Adsense for advertisement for charitable organizations or for Google’s own ads.


The site hosting Adsense advertisement should not contain excessive pop-ups.

Advertisement labeling

You can only label the advertisements as “sponsored links” or “Advertisements”. Any other label or a disguise form of a label is not accepted by Google Adsense.

Hidden Ads

Any portions of the advertisement can not be covered or hidden from view. Besides, colors should be chosen for each advertisement to make it look prominent.

Eligible age

Age matters! You need to be 18 years old or above to be eligible for participating in the program.

Student help

Many websites sell student essays or sample papers but this is not allowed on a site hostingGoogle Adsense advertisements.

Mixing Adsene with other Ads

If host’s website contains advertisement that resembles Adsense, this will be considered as violation of Adsense policy. So it must be taken care of that advertisement other than Adsense is contextually and in their appearance different.


There should be no hacking, cracking material on the host site. Neither software nor text of such nature is allowed.

Code modification

Any code provided by Adsense must be used without any modification. It includes changing the behavior, appearance, targeting of the advertisements.

Adsense in pop-ups & e-mails

It is not allowed to display Adsense advertisement in a pop-up or e-mail.

The two policies mentioned below are for the business that has is advertisement hosted on a website.

Google – The first point of contact

All communications must take place with Google. Incase you have any concern about your advertisement hosted on a website or the website itself, the first point of contact should be Google and not the host.

Google using your name/logo

Google Adsense reserves the right to use the name of businesses participating in Adsense program in reports, presentations, etc

You may stop displaying the advertisements or end the contract with Google Adsense for any reason with a 10 days notice.

Please remember that Google often make amendments in some of their policies so keep yourself updated with new changes from Google Adsense.

Adsense - A great opportunity

Google Adsense is a smashing opportunity for businesses to advertise their products and services on several websites by paying only for clicks by consumers on their advertisements. This is an opportunity for the host also for making good money as well as for increasing number of visitors to his website.

Knowing the policies of Google Adsense will help you determine whether this program is right for you or not. Observing their policies will result in a smooth and uninterrupted advertising business.