Google Chrome – A Mod Browser

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Google’s Philosophy

Google has explained the philosophy behind Chrome’s design the following way: “We do not want to interrupt anything the user is trying to do; if you can just ignore the browser, we have done a very good job.”

From this it seems that Google has delivered on their promise,since Chrome has little interface and the content area is larger than those of most other browsers. There is nothing that gets in the way of the content of the browser window itself.

Search Your Favorite Website From Chrome

If you visit a website that has its own search feature i.e; Chrome automatically recognizes it and adds that search engine to your browser. Because of this feature, the next time you perform a search on that website via Google Chrome the search engine information is used. Time and effort saved!

Monitor Resources

Everyone is familiar with Windows Task Manager. Chromes comes with a similar feature that monitors the resources used by a web page. You may wish to know why a particular webpage loads slow, here it is the function for you to see which webpage is eating least and most of your system resources. Check resources by clicking inside the page then select “Inspect element”, switch to the “Resources” tab and reload the web page. You will see a list of images, objects and scripts loaded from the web page and you can sort them by their size or by loading time.

Easy Conversions

You can perform simple mathematical calculations and different unit conversions using Google Calculator. To do this, simply type the expression in Google Chrome’s address bar . It works with simplest expressions e.g: Type in: “kilometers in 1 mile” and the result is shown.

File Downloading

After downloading a file, you may copy it to your desktop or to any other location on your disk by using drag and drop directly from Google Chrome. This way we can work on downloaded files immediately and more easily.

Personalized Privacy

With Chrome’s privacy mode (when enabled), you can browse a website without anything from the session being written to your computer like cache, history, cookies, etc. Makes your surfing absolutely private!

Developer Support

This feature is also awesome enough especially for developers. If we want to view webpage’s code, press Ctrl+U and the source window will pop up with line numbers with each line and syntax highlighted, which is very helpful in debugging the code.

Creating Applications

Until so far we have only been able to bookmark our favorite website in the browser. The amazing Chrome will allow you to create a shortcut of your favorite webpage that can be saved to your Desktop, Start Menu or Quick Launch Bar for your future access. Now when we click on the respective shortcut icon that you have saved, it will open that application in a new window.

Google Chrome - The Difference

Google Chrome has also scored 79/100 in the Acid 3 test – ahead of Firefox 3 that scored 75/100 but slightly behind Firefox 3.1 (85/100). Chrome beats Firefox in speed – 3700ms vs 5000ms in the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark

These are the features in Chrome that we seriously miss in other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.