Eight Quick Tips for Google Calendar - Boost Your Productivity

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By utilizing more of its distinguished functionalities, it can easily be said that Google Calendar is fab! Here are eight quick tips that are sure to boost your productivity and help you become a power user.

1- Access your calendar remotely

This is pretty cool! You are traveling and can not hook up your laptop. It is still possible to get your schedule by texting “next” to “48368” and your schedule will be sent right to your phone.

2- Add an event to your calendar through SMS

You can control your Google Calendar by sending it SMS text messages. If you are away from your PC and wish to add an event to your calendar, follow these easy steps:

First of all, register your phone with Google Calendar. Here are the instructions for doing that:

  1. Log onto Google Calendar

  2. Click on Settings at the top right.

  3. Click on the Notifications tab.

  4. Type in your phone number and also select your carrier.

  5. Click Send Verification Code.

  1. When you receive the SMS message on your phone, enter the verification code then click Finish Setup.

  2. Your phone is now registered with Google Calendar.

Now just send a message to 48368. For example, you could send a message like “Meeting with Compliance at 4pm” and just like that, your event is added.

3- Access calendar from any Instant-Messaging client

You can have your events sent to you using Imified. Sign up for an account on imified.com and add Google Calendar with the “add services” link. Once this is setup, you will just send “M” to IMified using your buddy list and a menu containing your calendar will pop-up allowing you to see and change your appointments.

4- Nagging System

To make life easier with your busy routine when you possibly can forget things, set up a reminder with daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurrence and have it e-mailed to your address.

5- Guide to your local city

You can see what is happening in your city such as sports, concerts events, lectures, festivals and other many more local events at a glance by subscribing to various local-event related calendars.

6- Automatic adding of local holidays

You can have Google Calendar automatically add local holidays’ specific for your country. To do this, click the link “Manage Calendars” that is below your list of calendars then under the “Other Calendars” section, click the “Add Calendar” button and you will see a “Holiday Calendars” tab. This displays a full set of calendars to choose from.

7- Never miss any event

You can setup as many notifications as you like, which can help you not to miss any event. It is perfect for business meetings, birthdays, parties, etc.

8- Keyboard shortcuts

(A) ‘p’ - Moves calendar view to previous date range

(B) ’n’ - Moves calendar view to next date range

(C) ’t’ - Moves calendar view to include current day

(D) ’m’ - Switches calendar to Month view

(E) ‘x’ - Switches calendar to Customized view

These were the tips you should know increase your productivity.

Google Calendar has everything one may wish for!