How to Create Repeat Events in Google Calendar

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Creating Repeat Events

Life is a series of routines, and many appointments or events in our lives repeat. Google Calendar makes it easy to add birthdays, anniversaries, and repeating appointments.

1. Click Create Event.

2. Enter in the title of your appointment.

3. Set the date and time (if applicable) of the recurring appointment. Some appointments don’t need specific times. For example, a birthday is a day-long event, so there’s no need to set a specific time unless you just need a time-slot reminder. Under the date and time, you will find the word Recurring and a drop down menu.

4. Click on the double arrows to the right of the drop down menu. Then select the desired option from: Daily, Weekly, Monthly,Yearly, Every weekday, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tues/Thurs.

5. The Daily option allows you to choose how many days pass between occurrences. You can choose between every 1 - 14 days.

6. The Weekly option give you the ability to select how many weeks between occurrences, and to designate which day of the week the appointment falls on. For example, you could select “every 3rd week on Thursday. You can also designate two or more days each week. Example- “every 2 weeks on Wed, Fri, and Sat.”

7. When you select Monthly, you can specify how many months between the events, and designate if it is the second Tuesday of each month, or every month on the 12th.

8. If the event ends at some point select the Until button, and use the calendar to specify the date.

9. Continue by adding the location of your event. Remember, if you include an address, or cross streets, Google Maps will automatically map the location for you.

10. If you have multiple calendars, select the calendar that should display this event.

11. Add any reminders or notes in the Description area.

12. Set any required reminders. Reminders will be sent before each occurrence of this event.

13. Select or add email addresses, if you’d like to send invitations to this event. Invitations will be sent for each occurrence of this event.

14. Enter the information into Google Calendar by selecting Save.

You’re done and now you don’t have to worry about forgetting those appointments that happen regularly but may not be memorable. Google Calendar will remember them for you.