Why Use Google Calendar? It's Free, You Can Share It, Always Online, and Send Out Invites to Events

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Online Calendars

There are literally hundreds of calendar and scheduling programs available. And let’s face it, all the popular programs do exactly the same thing and have almost the same features. The only real thing that separates them is look and pricetag.  So, what sets Google Calendar apart from the rest?

Google Calendar is Free

First of all, there’s no cost to use Google Calendar. In today’s budget conscience world, free can make all the difference. Whether you use Google Calendar for personal, business or both, the only thing you need to buy is your internet service. (Note: there is a paid option for large and small businesses, called Google Apps, but that’s beyond the scope of our discussion.)

Access it from Anywhere

Since Google Calendar is stored online, under your secure account, you can access your calendar information from any computer, or even your cell phone or PDA, if either of those are internet enabled. So, your information is always available to you, wherever you are.

Get Addresses Automatically

Automatic mapping through Google Maps means you’ll never have to look up another address. You can enter the location of your appointment at the same time you input the other information, and with one click, Google Maps will display a map showing you exactly where your appointment is, and it will even display reliable directions.

Send Invites

Do you need to send out invitations to 30 people for a meeting, or notify your entire extended family of an event? Google Calendar makes it easy. Just enter the email address of each person you’d like to invite and Google will do the rest. Google even saves you typing by allowing you to select email addresses from your Gmail address book.

You Can Share it Too!

Google Calendar can even be used to coordinate schedules between a group of people. The calendar sharing feature allows you to share a calendar with your entire company, a handful of people, or the entire world. It’s up to you.

There are lots more features that make Google Calendar as good as, if not better than the most popular calendar and scheduling programs, but don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.