How to Add Appointments to Google Calendar with the Create Event Option

How to Add Appointments to Google Calendar with the Create Event Option
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Using Create Event

Adding appointments to Google Calendar using the Create Event feature is easy. This feature takes you directly to the screen where you input details of your event. Here, you can specify a calendar, set reminders, send invitations, allow guests invite others, and share the event on your public calendar.

1. Log into your Google Calendar.

2. Click Create Event in the upper left corner of your screen. You should see it under the Google Calendar logo.

3. In the large green shaded box, fill in the details of your appointment. Minimally, you need to fill in the What and When boxes with the name and date of your appointment. You also have the option to specify start and end times. The Where box allows you to enter the location. If you use this box, Google Maps will map the location you entered. From your main calendar window, click on the small double lines under the appointment (in month view, click on the appointment title), you will see a link for map. If you click on the link, Google Maps opens in a new window.

4. Select the calendar to which you’re adding the appointment. Add any notes or additional details in the Description box. This is a great place to keep reminders, like t_ake the laptop_.

5. The Options Section is located just below the Description box. In this area you can schedule email, pop up or SMS reminders. (If the grey Options box is collapsed, click on the word Options to expand it.)

6. Three drop down menus on the left side of the box allow you to choose SMS, email or pop up. Click the double vertical arrows to the right of the menu and select your preferred reminder. Defaults are SMS, Email, and Pop-up.

7. After you’ve selected the type of reminder you’d like, use the drop down menus to the right to set when the reminder should be sent.

8. Just below the reminder menus are two radio buttons. Use these to define whether the calendar shows you as busy or available during the set appointment time. This feature is especially useful when using calendar sharing.

9. Another option you have is whether or not you want to share your calendar. Make your selections in the privacy area to either who the appointment or your public calendar, or to keep it private.

10. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find the Guests section. If this section is collapsed, expand it by clicking on the arrow just to the left of the word Guests.

11. Enter the email address of anyone you’d like to invite, or click choose from contacts to select from your address book.

12. Set guest permissions. If you select invite others, your guests may send invitations to anyone they choose. See guest list allows those you’ve invited to view the guest list.

13. Once you’ve adjusted the settings to suite you, save your appointment, so that the date becomes embedded in Google Calendar.


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