Switching to a Gmail Account? Find Out How to Import and Export All Your Contacts From Hotmail to Gmail

Switching to a Gmail Account? Find Out How to Import and Export All Your Contacts From Hotmail to Gmail
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Gmail allows a user the capability to Import and Export contacts and the contacts’ information into or out of Gmail. It is possible to Import address books and contact information from such email programs such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! and other services.

To Import or Export contacts with Gmail, a CSV file must first be created. The CSV file must be in file format using a program such as Microsoft Excel. The table must include a header that will define the fields in the table (ex. First name, last name, email address). Fields can be listed in any order, but there must be an email address field. Once the table is created and saved as a .csv file, it is ready to Import or Export.

When importing a contact file into Gmail, the user can only import up to 3000 contacts at a time. If the user needs to import more than 3000 contacts, another CSV file must be created.

To Import contact files into Gmail, take the following steps;

1. Create the CSV file or export the address book or contact list from another provider as a CSV file.

2. Log into the Gmail account.

3. Click on Contacts.

4. Click on Import.

5. Click Browse to select the CSV file to be imported.

6. Click on Import again.

Once the CSV file has been imported, the number of contacts imported into Gmail will be shown and the contacts will be visible in the Contact List and Contact Manager.

To Export contact files out of Gmail into another program, take the following steps;

1. Log into the Gmail account.

2. Click on Contacts.

3. Click on Export.

4. Choose to Export all contacts or only one Group (exports will not include Group information if a Group is selected).

5. Select the format in which to export the contacts’ information.

6. Click Export.

7. Select a location in which to save the contact file.

8. Click OK.

The exported contacts should now be available in the program that it was moved to.

For troubleshooting Importing and Exporting contacts in Gmail, click on the Help tab located in the top-right corner of any Gmail window.

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