New Google Toolbar Available for Windows

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As the GUI, or Graphical User Interface, has evolved through the years, we have come to take for granted the ease with which we can access information right in our browsers. The concept of toolbars has made it as simple as clicking on a little representation of a printer, for example to send a print job or a little mail icon to check our messages.

Google of course, has taken the toolbar to an entirely new level, marrying its core search abilities with multiple icons that can help users define the results of their search, choosing between news results or images, or even the most popular shopping results.

Developers at Google have been hard at work designing a new toolbar, and the brand-new Google Toolbar for Windows is now available. In typical Google fashion, it’s available as a beta.

Available for download immediately, from the latest from Google offers several new features. New features include the ability to add gadgets to the Toolbar and create multiple profiles in AutoFill to keep business and personal information separate.

There’s also an exciting new integration to Google Notebook available on the latest Toolbar, which makes it as simple as point-and-click to clip content from various sites as you browse.

Adding customized buttons to the Google Toolbar to serve as links to frequently visited sites is a snap too. The latest Toolbar also supports Gadgets which offer users a clever way of accessing Web sites, searching Web sites from the Toolbar’s search box, and displaying headlines from a user’s favorite feeds.

Have you ever logged on to a PC at a relative’s house or at a public place like a library. Usually it takes you a few minutes to get acclimated to an environment that’s not at all set up like your desktop at home. The new Google Toolbar allows users to save their settings and call them up from any PC that’s connected to the Internet. Simply choose the option to ‘Access your Toolbar settings everywhere’ in the Toolbar sign-in menu. When you sign in from any computer, you will find your settings waiting for you.

There are almost too many features to list, but it’s fair to say the new Google Toolbar is quite robust.

Some of the new features are:

  • The ability to search for words on a page with the Google Toolbar Find bar
  • Automatic suggestions if you mistakenly type in an incorrect Web address. (Say goodbye to those 404-Page Not Found error).
  • Improved AutoFill, with the ability to keep your personal and your professional personas separate, as well as added security features such as password protection for things like credit card info.
  • An auto-linking feature
  • Easy access to your Web viewing history
  • A simpler, more effective bookmarking feature
  • The ability to translate a page into numerous languages
  • A SpellCheck button, and so much more.

Check it out for yourself at It takes seconds to install, and you’re up and running.

My favorite feature is the single-click option to access my Gmail. And the aforementioned notebook feature helps me keep track of all the clips and info I’ve come across during my Web travels.