Google Chrome Bookmarks Guide

Google Chrome Bookmarks Guide
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What are Bookmarks?

A bookmark is a webpage saved in your browser for easy access to it at any time. For example, if you often visit the Bright Hub site for guides and information, bookmarking the site would allow you to visit it quickly. On the other hand, if you are searching online for something and find a few sites you may want to come back to later, you can bookmark these.

To bookmark a site in Chrome, simply press CTRL+D on your keyboard. You will then have the option to choose the folder where you want to place your new bookmark. To view your saved bookmarks in Chrome, click the Other Bookmarks button on the right side of your browser. The bookmarks will open and you can click the site you want to visit.

Opening Your Bookmarks


You can also open the bookmarks in a full page to view details about them, organize them and more. To open the bookmarks in your browser window, click the wrench in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. This opens a menu where you will see a list of options. Locate the Bookmark Manager option and click on it. You will now see all of your bookmarks in your browser and all of the folder options to the left.

Organizing Your Bookmarks


When organizing your bookmarks, there are three basic things you need to know: how to create new folders, how to add bookmarks to new folders and how to delete bookmarks.

  • Creating New Folders - You need folders to help sort your bookmarks. These folders can be named anything you want. To create a new folder, click inside the right panel where your bookmarks are. This will activate the Organize button at the top of your bookmarks. Click this button and select Add Folder. Your new folder will appear at the bottom of your bookmark list, where you can name it what you want. Right-click on the folder and then select Rename to rename it.

  • Adding Bookmarks to New Folders – Once you have created your new folders and are ready to place your bookmarks in them to get organized, follow these steps. Click a bookmark that you want to move and hold the mouse key. While holding the mouse key, drag the bookmark on top of the folder you want to place it in and let go of the mouse. The bookmark will then be placed in that folder.

  • Deleting Bookmarks - If you are sorting through your bookmarks and need to delete some, follow these steps. Click a bookmark that you want to delete and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. The bookmark will then be deleted.

Chrome Bookmarking Tips

Here are some tips you can use with your Google Chrome Bookmarks:

Before organizing your bookmarks, it is best to go through and create all of the folders you will need first. This will prevent you from having to stop what you are doing and create a new folder every time you need one.

If you bookmark a lot of pages, create folders for these pages and save the bookmark in that folder when you actually save the bookmark, rather than simply saving it and then moving it later. You will have the option to do so when you press CTRL + D on your keyboard and the Save Bookmark dialog box opens.

Be careful when deleting your bookmarks, because once you press the Delete key on your keyboard, it will be gone forever. Google Chrome does not ask you whether you are sure you want to delete the bookmark before removing it.

To create a folder inside of another folder, double click the folder in which you want to place the other folder. Once the folder is open, click Organize and then select Add Folder and a new folder will be added. Doing this allows you to save several similar folders inside of a parent folder.

To see all of your subfolders, use the arrows beside the main folders in the left panel. Clicking the arrows beside the main folders will expand the folders so that you will be able to see the subfolders. Also from there, you can click on the different folders to see the contents in that folder.

To reorder your bookmarks, click inside the right panel and then click the Organize button at the top. In the menu, you will see Reorder by Title. Click on that option and your bookmarks will sort alphabetically by page titles.


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