How to Search by Username: Two Deep Web Sources

How to Search by Username: Two Deep Web Sources
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Pipl is a free deep web (also known as “invisible web,” “hidden web,” “deepnet”) people search that is only available for users 13 years of age and older. It’s designed specifically for people search by name, but can also be used to search by username of various social networks. Pipl People Search retrieves the relevant data as quickly as possible from third party websites using advanced language-analysis and ranking algorithms. All your search history remains private. Pipl offers results without the location or any variation on the spelling of name. The result is displayed in one page, based on accuracy, relevance and importance. It is organized by a few categories, such as “Quick Facts” (the first category gathers information about a little background profile), “Personal Profiles” (the next category displays the profiles from social network, social bookmark and other sharing community websites), Photos, Videos, Web Pages, etc. Pipl doesn’t have any control over the content or the privacy policies of the third party websites. If you have questions, you can contact their customer support. Search by username - Pipl Pipl People Search

To Find a Social Network Username: 1. Go to Pipl 2. In the search box: for example, type **samplename11 ** 3. Click the Search button or Press Enter. If you search the common social network usernames, the result can refer to other people with the same username. If the result doesn’t show up, she/he might not have a social network account.

Spokeo People Search is an invisible web search engine specialized in aggregating and organizing vast quantities of people-related information from public sources, such as social networks and third-party sources. Therefore, the targeted result is only as good as its original sources. Spokeo’s username searches can find people worldwide as long as they have a social-network account and all search history is private. Username search engine  - Spokeo Spokeo People Search

To Find a Social Network Username: 1. Go to Spokeo 2. In the search box, for example, type samplename11 (see the screenshot) 3. Click the Search button or Press Enter. You can also opt-out your username from Spokeo. Since Spokeo doesn’t create the data, opt out of Spokeo doesn’t remove the data from its original sources. To Remove Your Username Listing(s): 1. Locate the listing to remove. 2. Copy the URL from the top of your browser, for example, 3. Go to 4. In the URL box: Paste the URL 5. In the Email box: Type your email address 6. In the verification box: click “I’m not a robot” 7. Click the Remove This Listing button. 8. Check the confirmation email and click on the link to complete the removal process. 9. The directory listing will become flagged and will be removed in one business day.

IV. Comparison of Google and Spokeo

You can make a comparison between a standard search engine, such as Google, and an invisible web social network screen-name search engine, such as Spokeo, by searching your own Facebook username. At first, set your profile to private or semi-private (only you, your friends or friend of friends can view it) and see the results. Then, set your profile to public search and see the results. Based on my experiments, Google shows a Facebook username as long as it’s set to public search but Spokeo can show it though it’s set to private or semi private.


Invisible Web - Pipl - Spokeo - Author’s own experience Screenshots taken by author