Google Translate Tips: Using Basic Features of the Google German to English Translation Tool

Google Translate Tips: Using Basic Features of the Google German to English Translation Tool
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In a world of globalization, where information is coming to you in multiple languages at all times, it can be difficult to keep up if your only reference is in the single language realm. Google Translate has opened up what is possible because it makes translation between languages simple for the average user, while at the same time providing an engine that creates trustworthy translations. Google German to English translation is one of the most popular options for Google Translate, and operates on some of the basic principles that you find in the base functionality of this application. Here are a few tips for using Google German to English Translation.

Basic Use

When you are at Google Translate you will first set the From and the To languages with the From

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being German and the To being English, respectively. This will set up a Google German to English Translation, where you enter in the German text in the left hand box. As you enter this it will immediately translate into English in the opposing panel, giving you the phrases quickly. From here you can easily just copy and paste the text from the right hand column into where you need to insert the appropriately translated text. You can use this Google German to English translation for small sentences or even large blocks of text.

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Google Translate is not just a stationary web application, but instead can be integrated into other Google based service. If you are using Google search you can apply a simple Google German to English translation by just using a proper phrasing. When you are searching apply the word “translate” before the phrase you want to search for and “to English” afterwards.

Ex: “Translate Hallo, mein Name ist Shane Burley. to English”

It will then give you a translation of this phrase at the top of your search results; it is only really practical for very short Google German to English translations. If you want to use it for larger bodies of text then you should use the standard version at

Translate This Page

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One of the more simple tools that you can use from the Google German to English Translation option from Google Translate is also built right into their search function. When you are searching for international websites that have text dominated by German and you would like the entire website, not just a portion of it, translated into English you are going to be given the option right away. Here you will find that there is a Translate this Page. It will then keep the page within the Google German to English Translation format, and you will find all of the text has gone through the translation process.


Source: author’s own experience.

Photos: Screenshots by Shane Burley