Who Should Use Google AdWords?

Who Should Use Google AdWords?
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Who Should Use Google AdWords?

Advertising your business through the Internet is a very attractive option for many business owners, especially when compared to the expense of traditional media advertising. Successfully using Google AdWords, Google’s advertising platform, requires marketing expertise, a working understanding of Internet marketing and the ability to write online advertisements.

If your organization already has an established marketing and advertising program, Google AdWords can take advantage of branding, slogans and other materials you may have already developed. Small businesses can run their own campaigns or seek the assistance of a consultant.

Which Businesses Should Use Google AdWords?

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Many different businesses have successfully advertised using Google AdWords. Companies and stores that are able to accept orders and payments online generally do the best with Google AdWords since customers are able to complete the entire transaction online. However, offline businesses can make use of Google Adwords as well. The answer to who should use Google AdWords can be nearly any business as long as they prepare and have a strategy. Here are some specific questions and preparation that should be undertaken before you start paying for Google AdWords.

  • What website are people going to end up at when they click on your Google AdWords ad? You may want to send them to sub-section of your site for “special deals” or temporary promotions, for example.

  • What are customers able to do once they arrive at your website? At the very least, customers should be able to find contact information (phone number, email address, and address) and a detailed overview about your company’s products and services. Ideally, there should be some way for customers to place orders through the website.

  • Are people looking for information only about your industry or products? There are free research tools online that tell you how many people are searching for a given keyword phrase. Use these tools to estimate approximately how many potential customers are available online.

Using Google AdWords

To understand Google AdWords best practices and use them effectively, you need to understand how the Google advertising system works. Essentially, you have to write a very short text advertisement and submit it to Google. You only pay for the ad if somebody clicks on it. Pricing for Google AdWords varies considerably depending on how many other advertisers are competing with you: “cost per click” (i.e. how much you have to pay Google each time somebody clicks on you Google AdWord ad) can range from under a dollar to over $50.

Unlike television or radio advertising, Google Adwords are designed to be relevant to the user. For example, if a somebody did a search for “digital cameras” on Google, they might see an ad from a camera company. Google AdWords are attractive because they offer the potential to target advertising towards people who are actually interested rather than simply broadcasting a message to the general public.


Now that you know who should use google adwords, it is time to learn more about Internet marketing and the Google AdWords platform.

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