A Quick Look at Underground Search Engines

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There’s nothing stealthy about an underground search engine. It’s not a search engine that delivers ‘undesirable’ search results, usually avoided by tight-thinking members of the general public.

Underground search engines are search engines that are not usually `visible’ to normal surfers. These search engines are not the ones you usually come across over the Internet without much ‘digging and drilling’. What you should know about them is they deliver search results for specialized information not usually found through popular search engines like Yahoo or Google.

Let’s now look at some cool underground search engines with specialized search in mind.

Fresh Bargains

Looking for great deals online and don’t want to be deluged with search results not relevant to your search? Well, Fresh Bargains is the search engine that you should put to work for you.

Also if you want to look for the best deals offered by online merchants all in one place,. Fresh bargains would satisfy your need.

The search engine interface is as simple as that of Google. You only have two search options– search deals and browse deals after you key in your search keyword.

I typed in eBook reader and was presented with 948 deals coming from such sources as bestbargains.net, technbargains.com and fatwallet.com. This is certainly the place to go if you want to quickly look for an unbeatable deal online without having to visit numerous websites.

AOL Foreclosures

Do you want quick information on foreclosed homes? There are many services which require a paid membership to search their database for foreclosed homes. With AOL Foreclosures you get free access to information on foreclosed homes in the United States.

All you’ll have to do is enter the preferred city, state or zip and you’ll be on your way to tracking down your targets. You can search by purchase price, number of bedrooms and even by number of baths.

Public Record Center

Some private companies make you pay for information on public records, acting as though they are providing you some kind of exclusive service. This little known search engine will save you the trouble of having to pay for such a service especially if you’re undertaking a one-off search.

Among the records you can have access via Public Record Center are adoptions, asset search, court judgments and even bankruptcy search.

Looking for quick information to clarify a legal issue? Head for the Legal Information Institute (LII), run by Cornell University Law School.

The search box allows you to enter a keyword related to law and you’ll be presented with options you can take a closer look at.

For instance, I keyed in `copyright’ into the search box and among the results I got were the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, the Copy Right Renewal Act of 1992 and the Copyright Amendments Act of 1992, among many others.

What’s impressive though is your search would also lead you to case law from the LII Supreme Court Collection. This is indeed a timesaver as you don’t have to wade through voluminous law books to look for a particular case law related to your issue. Many lawyers or ex-law students would be wishing they had this kind of search convenience a decade back.

UFO Seek

This is the only paranormal search engine you would need if you’re looking for things ‘out of this world’. The categories you can search with UFO Seek are simply mindboggling. You can search any topic ranging from alien abductions, near death experiences, mysticism and things UFO. This search engine is certainly heaven-sent.

As you can see from the above, an underground search engine provides you with search results which you normally can’t obtain via popular search engines. Check out any of the above and see what you end up with.