Environmental Policy and Legislature

What you need to know about important environmental laws, bills, and policies including upcoming votes, companies in violation of these policies, and how they effect the enviornment and the science behind the policies.

How Environmental Policy is Made Introduction

Politics are messy but environmental danger is real. How does such an important topic get addressed without our complex and monolithic system of government? This series provides a look into the history, players, process, and problems involved in trying to enact and modify environmental policy.

The Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming

The Kyoto Protocol is an environmental agreement between certain countries in order to fight against global warming. In addition to other policies, the relation between the Kyoto Protocol and global warming is to reduce greenhouse gases.

The EPA: Failure or Success?- Part 2

In this brief over view, we will examine how the EPA got its start, what its purpose is and raise the question of whether or not it has lived up to the task of protecting our environment and the health of US citizens from the threats that arise out of the abuse of the environment.

Habitat Rehabilitation: The Answer to Human Activity

It’s hard to find a corner of the Earth that hasn’t been disturbed by human activities. That’s bad news for those of us who seek pristine habitats to study and preserve in addition to the negative environmental impacts. But there is good news. Find out how some are trying to reverse the damage.

Threats to Wild Horses & How You Can Help

Wild horses don’t have many predators. Yet, the threats of lack of adequate grazing land and water they face have the potential to wipe them out, some say within five years. Sadly the organizations that are suppose to protect Wild horses are causing them the most harm.