Melting Polar Ice Caps Effects

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Global Warming

The polar ice caps of the world are extremely sensitive to climate changes. The consequences global warming is having on this regions is causing the ice caps to melt at an alarming rate. Global warming is causing the temperatures in the areas to rise twice as fast as other areas of the world. This is causing the ice to quickly melt and alter the environment.

The 3,000 year old Ward Hunt Ice Self is greatly dangered by global warming. This shelf has now split in half and larger pieces of ice continue to break away from it. The polar ice is melting at a rate of 9 percent each decade. At this rate, the ice will soon be gone. Once the ice is gone, serious changes to the environment will begin to drastically occur.

The Dangers of Global Warming

The melting polar ice caps caused by global warming will alter the entire planet. As the ice on the Polar Regions melt, the temperatures in the regions will drastically increase. This will occur because the snow and ice covering that usually protects the ground will be depleted.

The dangers of global warming continue to cause the ice sheets from this area to break free and melt in the sea, sea levels all over the world will rise. The ice caps melting is very threatening to the areas of the world in low-lying regions. The higher sea levels will cause coastal flooding and coastal erosion. This can then contaminate fresh water supplies. If fresh water supplies are contaminated, the ecosystems in those bodies of water can become threatened.

The dangers of global warming also alter weather patterns. Weather patterns are easily affected by the melting polar ice caps. This can harm food supplies. As the weather patterns change, the growing seasons for many crops can be altered. Crops can become damaged and even ruined from the changes in the weather.

As the ice continues to melt, temperatures all over the globe will continue to rise. Once the ice has melted completely, global temperatures will increase even more. This will lead to warmer winters and hotter summers.

The affects global warming is having on the polar ice caps is alarming for all areas of the globe. There is no region that will be safe from global warming if the ice completely melts. Efforts are underway to try and decrease the affects of global warming.


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