Causes of Endangered Plants Species

Causes of Endangered Plants Species
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Why are Plants Endangered?

How you ever wondered why are plants endangered? There are many causes of endangered species of plants. The main cause for a plant to become endangered is loss of it’s natural habitat. This is

mainly due to the expansion of man kind. As urban development increase, plants loose more and more of their natural habitat. Clearing land for pastures and agricultural purposes also cause plants to loose their habitat. Grazing animals are a large contributor to causing endangered species of plants.

Natural disasters also cause a plant to become endangered. Wild fires are a large natural cause for a plant to loose it’s natural habitat. Certain weeds and pests can deplete the land needed for rare and endangered plants to survive as well.

Plants can become endangered due to their collection for multiple purposes. When plants are collected for nurseries or florists, the plant species number decreases. Rare plants are at a higher risk of extinction than other plants because of the unique beauty they offer. Plant collectors of rare plants are contributing to endangered species of plants.

How does Endangerment Happen?

The multiple causes of endangered species of plants often occurs over time. When a plant species is discovered to be endangered the situation is extremely critical and fast action must be taken because often it is not known that a plant has become endangered until after it has become extinct. For many rare and endangered plant species it is too late to save that species, unless by chance some seeds can be found.

How Can a Plant Species be Conserved?

Many efforts can be made to conserve endangered plant species. One agency that strives to protect endangered plants is the Environmental Protection Agency. This agency researches and monitors endangered plant species.

After a plant has become endangered, distribution of the plant to reestablish a plentiful population occurs. This involves preserving it’s natural habitat. Certain areas of land will become protected for this reason.

With the protection efforts in place against endangered plant species, many of the plants can later be taken off the endangered species list. It is vital when saving plant species that fast action has to occur. An endangered plant species can quickly become extinct if the efforts are not made. With these efforts in place, one day the question of why are plants endangered may never have to be asked again.


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