Conserving the Harpy Eagle Population: How They Became Endangered

Conserving the Harpy Eagle Population: How They Became Endangered
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About the Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is a beautiful bird that calls the lands of Mexico and Argentina home. These magnificent birds are among the most powerful eagles known to man. The tropical rain forests of Mexico and Argentina are the natural habitats for this large bird. The Harpy eagle can reach a weight of twenty pounds and grow up to three and a half feet. The wingspan can reach as long as six and a half feet. These large birds feed off of small animals, such as monkeys and opossums.

Threats to the Species

Sadly, the Harpy Eagle has found a spot on the endangered species list. The endangered Harpy Eagle often falls victim to numerous threats, causing their population numbers to diminish. As the human population continues to grow, the population numbers of this eagle continue to drop.

The main threat to the Harpy Eagles is loss of their natural habitat due to deforestation. Logging is a large cause of the deforestation harming their natural habitat. Large portions of the rain forest are lost every year as the demand from the logging world continues to grow.

The loss of rain forest causes the eagle to struggle to survive. Not only are the trees they call home being lost, but the trees for them to nest in and raise their young are being lost. The deforestation is causing their food supply to become limited as well.

Conservation Efforts

Projects to conserve the eagle are being made to try and replenish the Harpy Eagle population. Conserving the Harpy Eagle involves projects to limit the amount of destruction caused by deforestation. The Harpy Eagle Conservation Program works with local logging companies and the South American government to limit the amount of logging conducted in this area.

Another program used to conserve the Harpy Eagle involves protecting the eagle’s nesting sites. Special locations are set up to protect the eagles while they nest. Locations are available to the eagles to build nests and raise their young without the threat of humans being present.

With these projects underway to conserve the Harpy Eagle, the population of the eagle is hoped begin to grow. If this eagle population can become large enough, the eagle may some day be able to be removed from the endangered species list


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