Effects of Global Warming in Africa: Floods, Droughts, and Devastation

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Global warming is causing numerous environmental changes for many regions of the planet. The changes are causing the storms to intensify and produce devastating affects on the inhabitants of the regions hit the hardest. One of the areas that is most affected by global warming is Africa. The global warming effects on Africa have been causing wide spread changes for the continent and the people living there. Numerous changes in the climate and storm intensities have already been experienced.


Extreme flooding has plagued numerous areas of Africa. Not long ago, a flood in Uganda left 400,000 people homeless. This was caused by extreme rains that caused severe flooding in the area. Scientists say this flood is nothing compared to what the nations may experience if global warming continues. These types of floods not only leave people homeless, but diminish food supplies. As crops are washed away, many people are left to starve.

The flooding displaces the wildlife in the area as well. As flood waters rise, the wildlife has no place to retreat too. The animals that do survive have a more difficult time finding food to survive.


The global warming effects in Africa have caused droughts to become severe. Intense sand storms have begun to occur as the extremely dry earth is blown by high winds. The droughts make it very difficult for the people of Africa to grow crops, diminishing their food supplies. These severe sand storms are gaining intensity and are occurring more frequently.


After an area experiences an extreme drought that has lasted for a prolonged period of time, another hazard occurs when the rains finally do come. After a drought has ended, and an intense rain has occurred, the new threat of landslides becomes present. Landslides can eliminate populations of animals and humans. As the droughts and rains intensify, the severity of a landslide increases as well.

Health Dangers

Global warming is causing many health dangers to the people of Africa. Cases of heat exhaustion and other heat related illnesses are becoming more frequent. More diseases are becoming quickly spread. Dehydration and starvation are becoming even more frequent. The battle to survive in the African nations is becoming increasingly difficult.

Global warming is a major concern for all regions of the planet. However, Africa appears to be hit the hardest by the consequences of global warming. As the temperatures continue to rise, the promise of a better future does not look positive. Scientist say the complications Africa is currently experiencing will only intensify if Global warming continues.


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