Little Known Facts on the Dead Sea

Little Known Facts on the Dead Sea
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Hearing the name “Dead Sea” conjures images of a sea which is totally unimportant.How could such a Sea have any charm or attraction to it? We also know that in Dead Sea no organisms can survive- it does not support an ecosystem. But in this article let us take some time to get to know the “Unknown Facts about the Dead Sea”.

Location & Geographical Facts:

  • Located between Jordan & Israel.
  • Land-Locked sea.
  • Gets its water source from Jordan River.
  • Approx. area 400 square kilometers.
  • Other names: “Devil’s sea”, “salt sea”…!

Astonishing Facts:

Dead Sea bath

It is below mean sea-level by 422 meters & its shores are the lowest point on Earth on dry land. It is the World’s most hyper-saline water body with salinity about 33.7%. It get its water source from Jordan river and seasonal rainfalls. It has unusual Buoyancy caused by its high salinity. It has salts which are actually minerals of 35 different types. It has medical & therapeutic characteristics.

No Life In Dead Sea but Has Life-giving Qualities:

Mud DeadSea medicinal properties

Even though Dead sea does not support life, the mineral salts and high salinity of the sea water and its beach sands have numerous medicinal & therapeutic effects. People visit Dead Sea as a tourist and get life- rejuvenating effects from Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Research Center: There are organizations working to tap the medicinal uses of the Dead Sea water & its beach sand. Almost around 1000 employees are working under such organizations. People from various parts of the world accumulate in this place to get “Cured” for incurable diseases. A simple treatment starts with simple steps like having sun bath and then getting soaked in the sea for a prescribed period of time and then application of sand all over the body etc….

Such treatments have worked wonders for many who have mainly skin problems like Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, and Eczema etc… Also people believe that they get cured for respiratory ailments and other disorders. Some treatments for Rheumatism includes sulfur baths & sodium chloride baths…Although the Dead Sea may be biologically dead, it maintains its historical ability to nourish the mind and body through its therapeutic qualities.

Why Dead Sea is Hyper-Saline?

floating is easy

Since the Sea is land-locked and continuous pouring of silt along with Jordan River, the minerals and salts get accumulated. The water may evaporate leaving the salt and other minerals on to the sea itself. This makes the Sea rich in salinity and minerals.

Dead Sea is dying..! As the Jordan River and its tributaries are being diverted for irrigation and other purposes like dams etc., the water level is going down as the water continuously evaporates due to the hot climate at that area. As a result, the Sea has started to diminish in size and to make the Dead Sea live; efforts are taken by authorities to restore the Dead Sea by connecting the Red Sea with the Dead Sea, a “Two Seas Canal". But the scientists still believe that after connecting these two seas, the mineral richness of the Dead Sea will be lost as it is getting diluted by the Read Seas’ water. Also marine organisms will start to migrate from Red Sea to Dead Sea, and may face a threat to its life. So, the scientists feel that the eco-system and the eco-balance will get disturbed if they attempt to connect the Dead Sea with the


Red Sea.

dead sea sunset

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