Ocean Life Deteriorating Due to Carbon Dioxide

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It seems that the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s air is starting to have major effects on the ocean life throughout all of the earth’s seas. When there is carbon dioxide entering into the atmosphere the ocean absorbs it causing the water to become like an acid within the ocean which seems to be doing much harm on the ocean wildlife. Not many people are aware of this effect and don’t seem to know how much the pollution in our air is doing much more damage then we’d first thought.

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide happens to be a very deadly chemical within the air and if a human breaths in too much of this chemical it can be deadly to their health. The majority of carbon dioxide in the air comes from carbon emissions expelled from vehicles and factories being the main source of pollution globally.

Over the past few years there has become much more worry of the amount of carbon pollution causing severe levels of ocean acidification which seems to be causing a lot of extinction of the various benthic organisms living within the ocean. Many people don’t worry about such things because they are more focused on the effect of global warming, but the human carbon emissions are starting to become very deadly against our world’s ocean life.

Carbon Dioxide Affecting Our Ocean Plant Life

The ocean plant life seems to be getting hit the hardest even though they are at the lowest points of the ocean they seem to be slowly withering away as the ocean water is not what it use to be. There is much worry of what is going to happen in several decades to our oceans with the rapid increase in the acidity of the waters. There will be many biological changes within the ocean that will eventually cause a great amount of extinctions to occur.

One way that we can help save the ocean plant life and the mammals living within our oceans is by cutting back on the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere. If the world doesn’t cut back there will be many consequences to our ocean and could leave many of those wondrous ocean plants and sea creatures ending their life on this planet.

The life in the ocean will come to an end in due time if the amounts of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere are not cut back and studies have shown the amount of damage already done to our oceans is causing a lot of problems within our oceans leaving many ocean plants on their way, if not already, to extinction.

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