Holiday Gift Ideas That Can Help the Environment and Save Endangered Species

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Whether you are preparing the light the menorah and spin the dreidel or decking the halls and trimming your tree, odds are there are people on your holiday gift list that you need to find the perfect gift for; however, being the wise and environmentally conscious gift giver that you are, you may be looking for great gift ideas that are actually environmentally friendly. Here is a great gift giving guide with tons of ideas for giving green gifts or even gifts that can help to save endangered species.

Adopt A Whale, or a Polar Bear, Or a Wolf Oh My!

Many conservation and animal protection organizations offer great gift ideas that allow you to “adopt” a particular animal and get a nice little gift package. In turn, your money will be helping to save the habitats and lives of the animals that you are concerned about the most. Nearly everyone has a favorite animal and this is a great gift idea for people on your list of any age. It can even be a great way to help children learn more about nature and the animal world.

Here is a list of some of the best organizations offering adoption gift sets:

Oceana’s Adopt A Creature

WWF’s Animal Adoptions

Defenders of Wildlife Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center

Comfy Pajamas and Recycled Coke Bottles

How about giving the ladies on your list a nice cozy set of pajamas that are comfortable, stylish, and made from recycled coke bottles! You can not get a gift that is much more environmentally friendly than that. This great idea, from Coke Cola of course, will be available from AVON starting with their campaign 26 brochure along with a couple of other green gifts such as a handy shopping bag. Check them out at AVON ONLINE to get yours.

Green Gifts for Geeks

Looking for the perfect gift for that geekie techie sort that is on your list? Eco Geek Living offers some unique gifts ranging from glowing space aged ant farms to solar power laptop chargers and holiday lights that are all certified carbon free. To show their selection and find the perfect gift for the geek on your list, visit their site at:

Give a Tree:

This is the gift that truly keeps on giving, long after the holidays are over. You can give everyone on your list a seedling for planting a tree that your friends and loved ones will enjoy for generations and you will know that with every gift you give you are helping to create a better environment. These gift ideas are very affordable at around $2-3 and they make great stocking stuffers to and you can even mail them! Check out the options available from The Green World Project at: