Utilizing Wind Energy as a Natural and Renewable Resource

Wind is produced by the effects of the heating and cooling patterns of Earth’s surface. The Sun is ultimately responsible for climate but we can also harness the wind’s energy as is flows across the land. Wind energy can be collected by wind turbines which spin as wind flows across their blades. This mechanical motion can be transferred into electrical energy and be stored in a battery for later use. The use of large wind farms to generate power doesn’t account for much of the planet’s total energy output, but the field has been growing rapidly the past few years thanks to higher oil prices. Wind turbines have become cheaper to produce and more efficient which also help fuel wind energy’s rapid growth.

Guide to Harnessing the Wind for Energy

Wind offers an endless supply of energy, but the big question is how can we take advantage of this in the most efficient way? In this guide to harnessing wind power for energy we’ll look at the current technology and the future potential.

How to Choose a Wind Turbine for Home Electricity

You’ve made up your mind to generate electricity with the help of wind power. Great. You’ve probably started your research and are weighing the financial requirements as well as the pros and cons of a wind generator. This article will introduce some of the technical terms and concepts involved.

Wind Turbines: Vibration Predictive Maintenance

Abnormal vibration in any machinery is an indication of possible problems which need attention so the machinery functions to its optimum capacity. The remote locations of most wind turbines make it imperative to constantly monitor and utilize vibration predictive maintenance techniques.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Generating energy from renewable resources like wind and solar energy is gaining popularity by the day. As long as the sun exists, winds will continue to exist too. Thus, there are many advantages of wind energy; find out some of them here.

Formula to Calculate Wind Load

To prevent new construction and other structures from toppling in strong winds, architects and engineers have to calculate their wind loads. The wind load of a physical object is completely relative to its area.

Wind Turbine Minimum Spacing

Wind farms are generally said to have more than three wind turbines. It is a known fact that turbines in a wind farm affect other turbines in energy production and mechanical loads. The turbines have to be spaced properly other wise the resulting turbulence and wake would upset the other turbines.

How to Make a Model Windmill Electricity Generator

Natural wind is powerful and can be even destructive at times. However, we have long devised ways of taming this brute force to our benefit. With the easy availability of inexpensive electric motors today, making a model windmill electricity generator is just a matter of a few hour’s work.

How Does Water Power Work?

This will give you an introductory answer to the question, “How does water power work?” Links to other sources will help you deepen your inquiry into this increasingly relevant topic, given the search for renewable sources of energy.

The Helix Wind Turbine

Helix wind turbines are classed as Vertical Axis Wind turbines and come in two types: Savonius, a wind-drag turbine, and Darrieus, a wind lift turbine. The Savonius turbine is a closed design whereas the Darrieus is open, similar to an egg-beater. Both types can be installed close to the ground.

The Skystream Residential Wind Turbine.

Domestic wind turbines have taken a lot of stick over the last few years, mainly because they do not produce anything like the output the manufacturers’ claims. Although this is true in some cases, the main problem is siting the turbines in unsuitable locations with inadequate wind supply.

The Aermotor Windmill – Design History and Evolution

Aermotor started manufacturing windmills in 1888. Today, thousands of the old Aermotor windmills still stand, and reconditioned Aermotor windmills remain coveted possessions, commanding almost the same price of new windmills. Read on to discover Aermotor’s time-tested success formula.