Blended Urine as an Alternative Fuel for Motor Vehicles

Blended Urine as an Alternative Fuel for Motor Vehicles
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Cow Power is Renewable

Buffalos and cows are a prime source of large volumes of urine available at farm houses and agricultural establishments. Buffalo urine is flammable. 25% gasoline or diesel blended with animal urine is a unique motor fuel. (Human urine is not recommended.)

Animal urine is a unique renewable energy source. The methodology of converting urine into favorable vehicle fuels is explained in my practical experiment.

Human urine supports combustion. It is useable for motor fuels, but it has an application problem. Collecting human urine from toilets or sewage is cumbersome and it is never clean unless elaborate dual separation systems are employed. Human urine plus water is more commonly used as fertilizer. It is a renewable energy source for plantations since it is rich in nitrogen. Urine must be diluted with water to prevent permanent damage to plant roots.

Urine is a versatile, eco-friendly, abundant energy source. It is used for urine therapy for health care and cosmetics. Its oral consumption is known as “urophagia.” It is also an important agricultural fertilizer. Urine will certainly be a most popular cheap substitute for motor fuels.

Urine is also a revolutionary as a new source of electricity and a clean water generator. After a lapse of many years, we have a cheap source of motor fuel. There are many economic benefits. The transportation costs will become lot cheaper, and naturally the prices of common commodities will steeply fall. The environmental atmosphere will be clean and pleasant.

Bioreactors and Biomass

“Bio” refers to life and “biomass” to green grass and vegetation. In commercial installations, the bioreactor equipment used determines the conditions for reproduction of microorganisms in the biomass. Liquid fuels can be produced by directly converting biomass into fuels such as diesel and ethanol. Biomass is a renewable source of energy.

Human Urine Properties and General Purpose Uses

Human urine contains 75% nitrogen, water, certain metabolic wastes, dissolved salts, and organic compounds. It differs in color based on discharged bile content and food chemicals. Consumption of beetroot makes red colored urine, and bile gives it the characteristic yellow color. Drinking lots of fluids dilutes the urine. Urine is produced by the kidneys and the bladder stores the urine. We have two kidneys. One is always in action. The other one is an emergency spare system. The kidney functions as a filter.

Urine Power for an Experimental Battery

A piece of paper was soaked in a solution of copper chloride and sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper by Lee and his colleagues. This was laminated between transparent plastic sheet strips. This prototype urine power battery was experimentally energized by inserting a drop of urine through the battery slit. The battery produced 1.5 Volts due to chemical reaction, and its energy lasted for 90 minutes.

Testing the Blended Solutions with Gasoline and Diesel

In an experiment conducted by Mr. G Rao on animal urine to test combustion feasibility, 25% gasoline and 75% of buffalo urine solution was ignited by an electronic spark tool. The solution instantly caught fire with fairly explosive intensity and some smoke.

25% diesel and 75% buffalo urine combination was tested on a diesel engine at a farm house. There was no problem with the diesel engine cylinders as nitrogen in the urine prevented wear and tear of the cylinder liner. The test process was quite simple. It was indeed quite effective and productive. The research indicated that this simple system can work efficiently without any problems.

Further trials were taken to eliminate the smoke in the exhaust. What causes smoke had to be probed. According to the researcher it could be sorted out by blending appropriate chemicals to achieve a smokeless condition.

Doctors Shanwen Tao and Rong Lan, who discovered that human urine is applicable for motor fuels, happened to observe a car stranded at some distance from a gas station. They were interested to see the men from the car urinate into the gas tank filler. They then started the car and drove it to the gas station. Apparently this observation was their impetus for exploring urine power technology for cheap and efficient motor vehicles fuels.

Recommendations by the Researcher

Animal urine must be filtered before adding it to gasoline or diesel. The engine filter must be periodically checked for stagnation of any sediment. Inevitable nitrous emission oxides in heavy duty trucks and vehicles can be effectively reduced by using an appropriate filter on the exhaust port. The use of a molecular sieve in the filter is a practical solution.

Photo 1 and 2 - Animal urine analysis reports

Cow and Buffalo urine analysis report -2


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