Mobile Factories and Human Colonies on the Earth's Oceans

Mobile Factories and Human Colonies on the Earth's Oceans
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Mobile Industries on the Oceans

We have water power for ship turbines , abundant solar energy for generating electricity, and unlimited wind energy for multiple uses. Our earth is surrounded by five oceans- the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. There will never be any shortage of energy if we tap the natural resources of this planet. Fossil power, with all its disadvantages and links to global warming, is yet another important fuel available from the ocean bed. Fish for food are also part of the ocean’s harvest, available for all at any time.

The oceans can be used for floating factories and industries. The Earth rotates in a counter-clockwise direction on its tilted axis, so, as a general rule, cargo shipments are easy and fast around the world when cruising in a clockwise direction.

The wastes from industries will be converted into synthetic forms of fossils fuels. The land will be free from industrial waste and noise pollution. Planting trees and greenery on land devoid of factories and industries will restore the planet’s healthy environment. Soil erosion will be under control.

While oceanic space is 71%, the land space is only 29%. Our body also has seventy-one percent blood and fluids. If people are keen to settle down on the moon or Mars, why not in or on our oceans? The thronged population on land can spread over the world’s oceans.

Floating Colonies on the Oceans

Floating colonies on the oceans can have quick access to their floating factories, industries, and offices. Growing trees is not possible, but flower gardens will brighten the colonies, factories, and industries.

Seventy one percent of our earth is surrounded by ocean. High-rise buildings on land are spaced so closely together that they cause obstructions for sunlight and limit the use of solar power. Fire outbreaks are a horrible problem.

In contrast, lavish multi-storied restaurants are built in middle of the sea in Dubai. Ocean fire fighting mobile services can rapidly extinguish fire outbreak situations. They do not even require the storage of water.

The earth’s axis tilt is 23.40. The moon stabilizes the axial tilt as it orbits round the earth. The earth’s orbital speed is 107,200 km/h and makes one rotation in a day. Orbiting the sun takes the earth 366.6 days. Centrifugal force is highest at the equator.

Ocean surface moist air is free from salt. Salt is an excellent conductor of electricity. Solar photovoltaic flexible film cadmium-telluride that is zinc tin electro-coated will be weatherproof. Solar panels laid on roof top of the floating structures will be totally energized since there will not be any kind of shade and obstruction of sunlight. The corrosion resistance of critical components of solar panels can be controlled by sacrificial anodes. (Our solar system itself is analogical to atomic structure.)

If ships, mobile industries, and factories move opposite the earth’s rotational direction, they will take less time to reach their destinations. This facilitates cargo shipments. A wind turbine mill should be installed on every factory ship, and solar panels should also contribute electrical energy. The solar panels will be operating continuously in sunlight, and the energetic winds at sea will energize the wind turbines throughout the day and night.

Solar energy can be tapped at nights also.This is the latest discovery. Sun energy at nights can use infrared short wave length waves with an yield of 545 watts electrical power, whereas sunlight at day time the longer waves radiation gives an yield of 450 watts. Infrared rays are captured by nano antennae spread over the solar panels. The surface area of nano antennae is quite large.This is a big advantage of capturing every bit of electricity. Ultravoilet rays at day time yields 32 watts.

Tidal waves Power

The moon’s gravitational force causes continuous tidal waves. These powerful waves are a genuine source of power capable of generating electricity. Ocean thermal energy at certain locations due to temperature differences between top surface and down below can be effectively harnessed for generating electricity (OTEC). Tidal waves are powerful on a full moon day. On a new moon day, the tide is of lower intensity. These cyclic variations are natural. Wind turbines compensate for the power deficiency.

Images: 01 - Earth’s Magnetic Field, 02 - 5 Oceans surrounding the earth




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