Is Cheap and Unlimited Energy Possible by Using Algae and the Polywell Fusion Generator?

Is Cheap and Unlimited Energy Possible by Using Algae and the Polywell Fusion Generator?
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Two recent developments, years in the making but only recently come to fruition, are offering humankind the possibility of nearly-free power! Yes, that’s an exclamation point at the end of the first sentence, because these two alone can power humanity into the next century without using petrochemicals or producing harmful waste, including potent radiation hazards associated with nuclear power. They’re both clean and they’re both nearly ready for mass-production, so let’s find more about the interesting facts related to these energy sources. It will open the door to super-performance, practical, economical, spaceflight, as well as clean fusion power, and mark the end of dependence on fossil fuels. Dependence on fossils has already hurt us a lot and this is the best time to switch to alternative fuels, or at least start working on their production and research.

Biodiesel-Producing Algae

The first technology of real promise is one that uses genetically-engineered algae to produce oils, whatever oils you want, and it is actually happening in some parts of the world. When we say ‘whatever oils you want’ we mean we can get oils like soy-bean oil, by the ton, to produce artificial foods, food additives, paint additives, and other food needs as well. We can also get diesel, jet-fuel, and kerosene from these little green plants!

When you see how the algae is incubated in long, interconnected polyethylene packets moving up and down on a belt, its easy to see how scientist Glen Kertz is able to state coolly that he ‘can produce about 100,000 gallons of algae oil a year per acre, compared to about 30 gallons per acre from corn; 50 gallons from soybeans.’ In fact, one ten-mile by ten-mile square in northern, sunny New Mexico could produce enough biodesel for every car, truck, airplane and home/industrial heating system in the whole of North America. If that doesn’t rock your boat, there’s the other technology about to leap into prominence, and that’s the Poly Well fusion system, cold fusion for cuties and houses. The basic principle behind Kertz’s claim is that sun is our major source of energy and algae are the fastest growing plants surviving on sunlight. If we can produce lipid oils from algae, we surely can produce oils of daily use like bio-diesel that can meet our energy demands to a great extent.

This technology received some good news from the critics when tests confirmed it can produce energy safely, and now steps are about to be taken to muster a global ‘EMP’, (Energy Manhattan Project) to make America energy self-dependent within 5 years, and with virtually no hazardous emissions either.

The Polywell Fusion-Generator and Implications of Unlimited Energy

When these technologies become widely used they will change the personal, social and political landscapes radically. Many companies, teams, and individuals are competing and cooperating to bring more and better altenrative sources of energy to the fore and other revolutionary energy technologies to fruition as quickly as safely feasible. Unlimited electric power with a PolyWell fusion-generator, and unlimited food and oil biodiesel supplies are what these two technologies will, alone and unaided, produce for humankind. The implications for individuals are manifold, and pleasant to contemplate.

Remember, this is speculation, so read it with your mind open, for none of this is written in stone tablets anywhere, but the cost of

imported oil will go down and America will need less of it when we have a huge supply of cheap biodiesel to use instead. Having all the electricity we want means that we individuals can run our electric cars for close to nothing but the cost of plugging them into our personal or community Polywell grid and recharging them.

Politically, things will change drastically when America no longer sends hundreds of billions of dollars to people who both believe themselves too exalted to work at getting the oil out of their ground. Culturally, many of us will have a leisure and intention-focused life, doing what we want to do in service of our fellow humans, instead of using so much of our lives to earn a living. We’ll be free to study the lives, languages, and loves of other cultures and people as well as provide for their welfare and education.

Scientists and researchers all over the world are working on this noble concept and many Universities have funded programs to contribute in the development of new energy technologies. Technology is improving on a daily basis and if we stay hopeful and optimistic, things will become better and cleaner in the future, so that our future generations can breath fresh and clean.