What is a Cyclone Engine?

What is a Cyclone Engine?
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The cyclone engine, as it is called, is a green engine based on the principle of a conventional external combustion engine. Supposed to be known one of the greenest engines up to now, the cyclone engine uses gaseous or liquid fuel to create more power and lower emissions.

The cyclone engine

The concept behind the cyclone engine is a combination of Rankine, Diesel, and Carnot cycles known as the Schoell cycle. A type of regenerative engine, the cyclone engine is devoid of a radiator, catalytic converter, and ignition control system, thus reducing the construction cost of the engine drastically. This means that even a 100 HP cyclone will weigh only 320 pounds. Moreover, it has only one cam, six valves, and no exhaust valves. The engine uses water as a lubricator and thus requires a continuous circulation of the same.

How does it works?

The Cyclone engine is a low temperature, low pressure, self starting engine. The engine can run using heat from fuel combustion, exhaust heat from engines, and on fuels such as bio fuels and solar energy. As the cyclone engine is a regenerative engine, it uses de-ionized water as both working fluid and lubricant.

Similar to a heat exchangers, water is circulated though pipes around a chamber, which either has an exhaust from an engine or burns fuel inside it. The preheat water then enters a steam generator wherein more heat is added to it to convert it into super heated steam. The air is heated and forced in the combustion chamber to increase the combustion process. An igniter ignites the fuel mixture in the chamber. The speed of the engine is controlled using a cam arrangement. The steam expands due to high temperature and pushes the piston down in a piston arrangement, which rotates a crank and crankshaft. The used steam exhausts to a condenser wherein it is converted to water. The water from the condenser is again send around the heat exchanger and thus the cycle repeats itself.

The advantage of the cyclone engine is that the fuel burns for a much longer period inside the combustion chamber, resulting in slow and efficient combustion and extremely low amount of heat loss to the environment. This engine can burn any type of fuel, including powdered coal, and does not need any external lubrication.


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