Advantages Of Wind Energy

Advantages Of Wind Energy
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Where Does Wind Come From?

Wind power is a type of solar energy since it is originated by extreme temperatures of the sun. Each structure of the surface of the earth is heated by solar radiation, but in different paces and in varied dimensions. The earth normally is heated during the hours of the day and cools in the hours of darkness. Heat is liberated in diverse quantities by water, pebbles, soil, structures, etc. causing the surface of the earth and the air close to the surface to be heated. Warm air goes upwards, due to which the atmospheric pressure close to the exterior of the earth decreases, and cold air is drawn towards the surface. This movement of air is known as wind.

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Wind Power is Resourceful

With the movement of air, wind has kinetic energy. This type of energy is formed whenever any body is in motion. The kinetic energy of the wind can be confined and transformed to other shapes of energy, like mechanical power called wind power. In the early days, windmills in various parts of the world used the power of wind for pumping water or grinding grain. In the modern world of science and technology, wind power is being utilized by wind turbines for the generation of neat renewable energy for houses and industries. Wind power is believed to be a more superior method for the generation of electricity than other forms.

Wind Power is Neat and Tidy

Wind power is generated by the unlimited resources of power available in wind to produce electricity for homes and industry and to contribute to the national grid. Especially when compared to the conventional power plants which depend upon fuels, wind power can conveniently and economically be used for any durable plan for the generation of energy. Wind power is neat and tidy, and does not cause contamination of air, or mud or water. Other forms of renewable energy are not that clean and create large quantities of waste materials.

Future Prospects of Wind Power

Wind power has bright prospects for being utilized in large quantities in the future because the world’s reserves of oil and coal are being depleted. This also puts emphasis on the need for alternative energies. The world also has great concerns about enviromental issues, and wind power, being cheap, clean, and abundant, is very favorable to replace other forms of energy.

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