Exploring Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Energy

Exploring Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Energy
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What is Blacklight Power?

Blacklight Power is a small, independent business in Cranbury, New Jersey. The employee count tops out at twenty-five people who have been working on developing a clean source of energy from hydrogen for the past nineteen years. Their main goal is to go beyond the known standard of the hydrogen fuel cell production of power to create as much power as possible in a more cost-effective way.

Fuel Cell Breakthrough Using Hydrinos

The current standard in hydrogen fuel cell production works through fuel cell conversion for power. Fuel cell conversion makes hydrogen react with oxygen to create both water and electricity. The hydrogen fuel cells on the market today use the combination of water and electricity to run an electronic traction motor for power. Using hydrogen fuel cells have become a popular way to power our vehicles but have not been considered as a larger electrical producer for our homes or communities.

Blacklight’s idea was to break single electrons from individual hydrogen atoms into first orbitals.The result of getting down to the first orbital released a new energy particle called a hydrino. The hydrino was found and developed from the scientific theory of Blacklight CEO and founder Dr. Randell Mills who wrote The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics.

How Their Process Works

Blacklight’s use of the hydrino as a fuel cell for producing power is based on a chemical reaction of released energy. Hydrinos, which are an altered version of hydrogen atoms, maintain a lower energy level than that of the baseline level for hydrogen as a whole. The breakdown technique is called the Blacklight Process. The full energy release of the hydrinos creates a surplus of energy to develop more hydrogen, refueling the breakdown process and in essence allows for a sustainable energy source.

One of these working cell models at Blacklight Power can generate 50 kilowatts of electricity which can power up to two blocks of residential homes. Each cell can be developed to scale, meaning that for a larger power need such as a community power plant enough energy can be created to sustain local power needs.

Blacklight has developed not only a regenerating clean power source but has done so to make the cost on a consumer level lower than the power industry has ever come down to. Use of the hydrinos for power would create a national average cost of 8.9 cents which equals out to paying less than two cents per kilowatt-hour power usage.

For more information on Blacklight Power and to learn how you can create your own model scale fuel cell visit the company’s homepage at www.blacklightpower.com.


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Image Credit: Laura Jean Karr