Eating Vegetarian or Vegan, Organic, Local, Natural & Pesticide Free Foods

There are many facets of living green and one of the most important is the kind of foods you put into your body. Knowing the environmental issues that are associated with meat and animal products, many eco-conscious citizens choose to eat vegetarian or vegan. Others make wise food decisions by choosing organic food and produce. There are many advantages to eating organic including fruits and vegetables that are pesticide free, and farming that done more naturally and sustainably. Meat is hormone free and often allowed free-range instead of being caged. Organic food tastes better, has been shown to be healthier, has a greater number of antioxidants and is free of harmful chemicals. Methods of farming are also more energy efficient and sustainable, using natural fertilizers and other environmentally friendly methods. Read articles on the health and environmental benefits of going organic. Find recipes, discussions on vegan and vegetarian diets, info on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and other green movements. Learn what it takes for a farm to become organic certified, how buying locally from farmer’s markets can benefit the environment and much more!

How to Regrow Veggies from Kitchen Scraps

Ever wish you didn’t have to throw out so many vegetables or that you didn’t need to buy them? What if you could fix both problems in one? What if you grew more vegetables from the scraps of your meals? No green thumb? No problem!

Why Are Processed Foods Considered Harmful and Dangerous?

Does monk fruit extract replace the sugar in your snack? Does that toaster pastry contain specialized yeast extracts to lower the salt content? How about algae-based flour in your pizza roll fat or corn fiber and synthetic fruit flavoring in your drink? What happened to the food in food?

Learning More About BPA: How Bad Is It Really?

You may have heard that BPA is dangerous to our health and even gone out of your way to purchase BPA-free water bottles. However, claims about the hazards may be
exaggerated. How bad is BPA for us really and what is a common sense approach to its use?

Can You Grind Grain With a DIY Grain Mill?

Freshly baked loaves of homemade bread from the oven gives your home an aroma that can’t be beat. Spending time making the bread is worth every minute when you are finally able to bite into that first piece, butter oozing off the sides. Make bread better when you grind your own flour too!

Can I Make Maple Syrup Inside My House?

Can I make maple syrup inside my house? This question can be answered either yes or no – depending on your housing. In many cases it is possible, but not recommended. There are five reasons why this is true.

How to Make Gluten Free Granola Bars

Many people are beginning to remove gluten from their diets due to painful allergy symptoms. However, there is no need to give up all your favorite treats! Try one of the following easy recipes for a healthy snack.

How to Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour

Self-rising flour is one of those kitchen staples that you can easily make at home. For the lightest biscuits and melt in your mouth pastries, follow this simple recipe to learn how to make your own self-rising flour, and you will never have to worry about running out.