Physician's Formula Organic Wear Makeup: A Review

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About Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup

Physician’s Formula has always been known for a minimalist approach to makeup. Their formulas have long been embraced by women with sensitive skin. Now they’ve developed Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Makeup. This makeup line is 100% free of harsh chemicals, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. The products are 100% cruelty free, never testing on animals. Physician’s Formula has developed a patent-pending eco-friendly paper compact that’s just as attractive as it is green. Organic Wear utilizes natural goat hair brushes for it’s powders and blushes too. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear is the 1st. EcoCert certified organic line of makeup in the United States, so you can trust the integrity of the line.

A Great Line of Makeup

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup is not just great for the environment, it’s a great line of makeup. The all natural, organic ingredients are gentle, and suitable for the most sensitive of skin. More than that, the colors are awesome, and innovative in nature. I love the way Physician’s Formula includes more than one color in the Organic Wear blushes, powders, and bronzers. You can customize the colors, making them lighter or darker as you put them on. The bronzer-blush is great because you can add a healthy, pink glow to your cheeks and a warm tan to your face, using one product. The result is a really natural glow. The eye shadow duos come in two colors, designed with your eye color in mind. It’s guess proof since you simple pick the eye shadow that’s named for your eye color. You get two colors that perfectly complement the color of your eyes in a convenient, eco-friendly compact. The eyeshadow works great if you wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear boasts a wonderful collection of liquid foundations, tinted moisturizers, and bronzers. You’ll love the 100% natural Origin Lip Veil. It’s flavored with organic mint and lemon, and mixes lip balm, color and gloss. No matter which products you choose, you’re sure to love this product line.

Great for You and the Environment, Yet Easy on the Pocket Book!

When you’re accustomed to buying natural and organic products, you just assume you’ll probably have to pay more. Not so with Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup. This line is available at drugstores nationwide for great prices. You’ll pay much less for Physcian’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup than you would pay for many other product lines that have none of the great, earth-friendly benefits that these products have. With powders and bronzers at $13.95 and concealer costing a mere $6.95, you just can’t go wrong. So the next time you’re looking for a new makeup, swing by the drugstore and look for Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup. You’re sure to be more than satisfied.



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