Malibu 6-1/2" Solar Powered LED Flood Landscape Lights: Product Review

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Lighting Our Landscape with Solar Energy

A couple Christmases ago, we decided to buy a Malibu 6 1/2" Solar LED Flood Landscape Light set to save energy and go greener. We went by Lowe’s and picked up a set of Malibu 6-1/2" Solar Flood Landscape Lights. This solar product comes with a solar panel, three light emitting diode (LED) floodlights, the necessary screws for attaching it to a wooden surface and plenty of wire to attach the lights to the solar panel. We decided to place them on the back porch for added visibility and safety. My husband reported that it was very easy to install. The solar LED lights came with rechargeable batteries which were also easy to install. However, my husband had a little trouble tightening the screw on the solar panel, so it tended to slip to less than an optimal angle. Still, the solar panel charged up the batteries during the day, and the LED lights came on right on schedule.

Solar LED Lights: Not Bright, but Effective

The light from the solar LED floodlights was somewhat dim and had a pale blue color. It wasn’t very bright, but it was enough to illuminate our small back patio. I really liked the feature that allowed the lights to come on automatically in the evening and deactivate automatically when the sun came up in the morning. There was a lot of cord that came with the lights, but these were unobtrusive since my husband had bunched them together and tacked them underneath the patio cover. It was nice to know that if we wanted to spread the LED lights very far apart from one another, we could do so. As it was, we chose to put them quite close together. They seemed quite versatile, either way.

The solar lights performed fairly well over time. But the battery seems to lose power as it ages, which causes the light to become even dimmer. You may want to replace the batteries ever year or so for the best results.

A Quality Solar LED Lighting Product that Will Save You Money

These solar LED lights are only $34.95 per package. If you want, you can buy several packages and install them one at a time all around the house. This suited our needs, since we didn’t want to blow a lot of money on a large solar installation kit that would end up being very difficult to install. It also gave us an opportunity to try the solar lights without making a huge investment. We plan to purchase some more of these LED floodlights and install them on the front of the house. In my opinion, these solar lights are an excellent investment. The solar floodlights have provided our home with light for many months without costing us any additional money. After nearly a year, the LED lights and the rechargeable batteries are still going strong. They show no sign of needing to be replaced.