Review of Bummis Cloth Diaper Covers: The Super Whisper Wrap and Super Snap are a Best Buy

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Bummis Covers - A Well-Loved Favorite!

Bummis cloth diaper covers have been a long-standing favorite among parents who cloth diaper their children. The two styles of covers reviewed here, the Super Whisper Wrap and the Super Snap, are very similar in construction. Both covers consist of a waterproof polyester urethane laminate (PUL) layer sandwiched between two layers of soft knit polyester. Elastic around the legs and back of the covers ensure a snug, but not too-tight, fit. The Super Whisper Wrap has a sturdy, adjustable Velcro-like Aplix closure with laundry tabs so the covers don’t get snagged together during laundering. The Super Snap has snap closures, which some parents prefer over the Aplix.

The Super Whisper Wrap and Super Snap covers are each available in sizes ranging from newborn (7-10 lbs) to extra-large (40+ lbs). The covers are cut generously to properly fit over prefold, contour, or fitted cloth diapers. Their shape helps hold prefold diapers close to your baby, so that pinning or otherwise securing a prefold diaper is usually unnecessary. Just fold the prefold diaper, lay in the cover, and secure to your baby.

Bummis covers are easy to care for. They can be washed and dried along with your cloth diapers at normal temperatures. According to the Bummis website, the fabric “can withstand even the rigors of industrial washing and drying.” Avoid using fabric softener, chlorine bleach, or other whitening agents when laundering the covers.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (5 out of 5)

The Super Whisper Wrap is Bummis’ most popular diaper cover. The Aplix tabs provide a very adjustable fit as your baby grows. The tabs can even be overlapped on a thin baby. The Super Whisper Wrap is available in white or four different prints. The white covers retail for $11.00, the prints for around $12.50. Bummis covers can be found online at Green Mountain Diapers, Cottonbabies, and Amazon.

This cover performed very well on my daughter. After trying fancier, pricier styles of cloth diapers, I ended up preferring using prefold diapers and Bummis covers. The Super Whisper Wrap covers I used never leaked and were easy to clean. Since my daughter was on the small side, sizes small and medium fit her up until potty training. Though they were well-loved and well-used on my daughter, the covers are still in good condition and I am currently using them with confidence on my second child.

Bummis Super Snap (5 out of 5)

The Super Snap diaper cover is nearly identical to the Super Whisper Wrap, substituting snap closures for the Aplix. Snap closures can be handy when your baby gets crafty and learns how to pull off their Aplix-closed diaper cover! The snap closures seem to be baby-proof. The Super Snap cover is available only in white for around $12.00.

I preferred using the snap closures mainly because the Aplix gathers fuzz and needs occasional cleaning out. Although it seems that snap closures may not provide as adjustable as a fit, I was always able to find a snap setting that worked. The Super Snap, as with the Super Whisper Wrap, never leaked and was comfortable for my daughter to wear.