Green Cooking with Eco Pots and Pans

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If you don’t enjoy eating scrambled eggs seasoned with teflon chips, you are not alone. Teflon is the nonstick coating that most pans are covered with, but the coating starts to break down after reaching 450F, most kitchen stoves go much higher than that. For an efficient eco cooking alternative that doesn’t leave you eating teflon chips, consider some of the options below.

Cuisinart Greenware™ Eco-Friendly Non-Stick 10-Piece Cookware Set

The longtime kitchenware company Cuisinart, has come up with a new line of eco friendly cookware titled “Cuisinart Greenware”. All of the green cookware in this series provides a new nonstick technology that is ceramic based. When compared to other pots and pans, Cuisinart Greenware pots and pans take less overall time to thoroughly heat the surface to the desired cooking temperature, due to the exceptional heat conductivity in the aluminum used to create the Cuisinart Greenware. The handles are made from 70% recycled stainless steel. Cuisinart believes so much in their eco friendly cookware, that they offer a lifetime warrant.

Cuisinart Greenware Cookware Set Includes

-8" omelet

-10" deep fry pan with cover

-1 1/2-Quart saucepan with cover

-2 1/2-Quart saucepan with cover

-6-Quart Dutch oven with cover

-Steamer insert

* This Cuisinart Greenware Cookware Set is priced between $100 and $150 and can be purchased at Amazon or Bed Bathand Beyond.

Starfrit Eco Friendly Cookware

The eco friendly non stick pan is made from 99% recycled aluminum, but the company wasn’t satisfied with providing such a sustainable product, the handles on the pans are made of bamboo. They even make all of their labels from 100% recycled paper. What differentiates Starfrit from other green cookware companies is that their products make almost zero impact on the environment.

Ceram-Eco is the coating used to make the pans non stick. Ceram-eco is a lot more convenient because Teflon, what most traditional pans are coated with, can only withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees. No one truly knows how high a temperature a stove can reach, but it is definitely above 450 degrees. That is why your Teflon coated pans start to chip after just a few months of use. Ceram-eco can withstand up to 1000 degrees of heat, and the coating will never chip, leaving your food chemical free.

* Starfrit’s Eco Friendly Cookware, such as the Eco Pan 9 Piece Set, is available at Amazon.Com, prices vary.

Green Pan Cookware

The media is certainly surrounding these amazing Green pans. With a ceramic based nonstick coating these pots and pans are guaranteed to never wear out. Green pan cookware allows you to cook healthier without using any oil or butter because the nonstick technology is so advanced. The pans come with a lifetime warranty, are dishwasher safe, and scratch resistant. So if they fall or you accidentally scrape your cooking spoon too hard against the pan, all is safe, no scratches to be found.

* Green Pan Cookware, such as a GreenPan with Thermolon Stainless Steel Celebration Set can be purchased at Amazon or, prices vary.