Retractable Reel Laundry Line: Review of Lehigh RC20-3P 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline

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Retractable Clothing Line (4 out of 5)

20 foot retractable clothes line

This little gizmo almost disappears altogether when you are not using it. The Lehigh RC20-3P 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline is a simple way of permanently hanging a clothesline in your environment without having to look at it all of the time. This little solar clothes dryer is as useful indoors as it is out of doors. Of course, indoors it would not really be a solar clothes dryer any more, but, it would still be an energy saver (not to mention, space and time saver) .

To install the Lehigh RC20-3P 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline you need two sturdy surfaces. You will attach the retractable reel clothesline onto one and you will afix an opposing hook onto the other. These two surfaces need to be no more than twenty feet apart since this is the maximum length of this retractable clothesline. They could be opposite walls in a room, the posts in your carport, or even just a couple of tree trunks in your garden.

If you have a sunny area that would be preferable in which to dry laundry on lines, but which is ordinarily in the line of sight, this is where the Lehigh RC20-3P 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline might come in useful. For instance, the only really sunny spot in front of your house might also be in front of your living room windows. Really, it would only make sense to hang your laundry in this location. But, a permanent laundry line of any sort would definitely be somewhat of an eye-sore. This would be the perfect place to use a retractable laundry line like the Lehigh.

If this smaller retractable clothesline is not sufficient for your needs you might think about installing the Whitney Design Retractable 5 - line dryer. This laundry line set-up provides 170 feet of laundry hanging space when it is fully extended. On the other hand, you might find it works better simply to puchase a few of the 20 foot long Lehigh RC20-3P 20-Foot Retractable Clotheslines and arrange them appropriately for your circumstance. Each clothesline costs just under ten dollars.

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