Outdoor Parallel Clothes Line Review - Jumbo Size Allows Over 200 ft of Laundry Room!

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Outdoor Parallel Clothes Dryer Clothesline Jumbo Size - over 200 feet of clothesline for (4 out of 5)

Outdoor parallel clothes dryer

We are all familiar with the umbrella clothes dryer, so frequently seen in the backyards of American homes. The outdoor parallel clothes dryer looks just like one, but it is easier to use because the clothes lines are strung in a parallel arrangement. With over 200 feet of washing line on this sunshine parallel clothes dryer you can hang out the laundry for a whole family and do it all in a six by seven foot space. Not only this, but then when the wash is dry and taken down, you can fold the dryer back down for compact storage.

The smaller photograph to the left shows how the dryer looks when it is folded down.

Care was taken in the design of this clothes dryer to eliminate rope wear. The clothesline is of vinyl-coated polyester core rope and the supporting rope arms string the line through extruded holes. This prevents chaffing of the rope.

The dryer comes completely assembled and ready for use. All you need to do is to install the molded cap non-seize ground sleeve into the ground. You can get all of this solar drying capacity for under $70.00. That amounts to around 30 cents per foot of drying length, not a bad price by any standard.

Size when Open: 6 feet X 7 feet

Hight of Clothesline: 6 feet above the ground

Length of Clothesline: 210 feet

Style: Parallel

Click the link for more information, or to order: Outdoor Parallel Clothes Dryer

If you live in an area in which out door laundry is not permitted, this dryer could very easily be enclosed in a lattice or bamboo fence enclosure. Even without neighborhood rules and bylaws, some people prefer the privacy of keeping their laundry behind a screen of some sort. Small footprint dryers like this one make this easy to accomplish.

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